It’s The Day Of Laser Eye Surgery

The following is an excerpt from Living TV’s Extreme Makeover show, in which Prof Dan Reinstein conducts Laser Eye Surgery on patients at the London Vision Clinic. Laser Eye Surgery will change Helen’s, Kate’s and Carol’s life forever.

The Benefits Of Having Laser Eye Surgery For Helen

Helen: I’m really excited about having this eye surgery today. At the end of the day, it’s one less thing for me to think about. So, when my little boy comes up to me and says you know, mummy can you read this book for me? I won’t have to worry about where me glasses are or whether or not I can actually read what’s on the page.

Professor Reinstein: Basically your problem is that you are long sighted. So, by correcting your long sightedness we’re going to be able to give you that near vision back and also, you won’t be straining to see at distances and we’re going to do that by changing the curvature of your cornea with this very sophisticated laser.

Dan has performed over 10,000 eye surgeries and uses unique techniques to achieve unbelievable results. He begins with a full assessment of Kate’s condition before carrying out the procedure.

Professor Reinstein: The surgery itself doesn’t hurt, okay? It’s a little bit uncomfortable in certain places, but I will talk every step as we go along. So, nothing is going to surprise you. It is very easy for you, you just lie there, look up into the microscope and there is a flashing green light and you look at that, you wait a few minutes and it is done.

Professor Reinstein: Today you don’t need reading glasses anymore – thanks to PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision

Professor Reinstein: In the past we used to just correct, with laser surgery, just correct the distance vision, which would mean that you would still need reading glasses. If you look at what we’re going to do is, we’re going to take a little bit of the distance away here, just a little bit and what that does is it gives you a lot of near vision. You see, so we’re just clipping the distance vision ever so slightly, but it gives you a lot of near vision and that’s called blended vision.

Can Professor Reinstein Help Carol?

It is time for Carol to meet Professor Dan Reinstein, to see if he will be able to help with her complex eyesight problems.

Professor Reinstein: You are an interesting case because not only do you have very, very high long sightedness, far sightedness, but you also have lazy eye right and you also have squint, a little bit of squint? Your eyes aren’t quite straight?

Carol: Right.

Professor Reinstein: And, you also have what is called nystagmus where your eyes shake, vibrate a little bit, they shake a little bit don’t they?

Carol: Okay, yeah.

Professor Reinstein: And, so it’s an interesting one, a good challenge for us.

Carol: You have got the whole lot there haven’t you?

Professor Reinstein: Yeah a full house, a full house.

Dan Takes Carol Into The Surgery To Correct All Of Her Problems That She Has Been Experiencing

Professor Reinstein: So nice and steady there, the laser is very fast and in 23 seconds we’re going to make your distance vision perfect. Okay, now open your eyes and look around the room again.

Carol: Oh wow, I can see you crikey, I can see the time! Thank you very, very much.

Carol: “I am reading this thanks to Laser Eye Surgery!”

Prof Dan Reinstein: A little bit before we came into here I actually sent you a text message to your cell phone, have you got your cell phone on you?

Professor Reinstein: Look over there.

Carol: Wow, 01616596180 and you’re quite a good-looking guy aren’t you? Well done.

Kate’s First Reactions After Her Laser Eye Surgery

Kate: Amazing, absolutely amazing.

Prof Dan Reinstein: Yeah, yeah.

Kate: I was a bit of a baby but then …

Professor Reinstein: No, you were fine.

Kate: … I forgot to breathe.

Professor Reinstein: What does it look like when the actual treatment is going on?

Kate: Oh, it is weird. All you see is dots and flashes and lights and things!

Professor Reinstein: Yes, so psychedelic?

Kate: Absolutely amazing, it really is.

Professor Reinstein: How far up are you reading?

Kate: A wide view over four countries.

Professor Reinstein: There you go.

Kate: God, I can’t believe that Dan!

Professor Reinstein: And keep blinking that’s newsprint. That’s what they call the wow effect.

Kate: I can’t believe that. It is a wow effect .

Professor Reinstein: We just finished, relax okay.

Kate: Thank you so much.

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