London Vision Clinic Patients And Staff Celebrate At ZSL London Zoo

More than five hundred patients and their guests joined members of the London Vision Clinic team to celebrate the clinic’s 10th Anniversary on 26 June. The party was held at ZSL London Zoo in Regent’s Park and watching the delightful penguins enjoying their dinner was among the popular treats arranged for the evening.

As with previous London Vision Clinic events, guests mingled and shared their Laser Eye Surgery stories. Conversation openers included how we all had first heard about the work of Dr. Dan, Glenn Carp and the team. Typically this would lead on to the experience itself (surprisingly quick and easy was the general opinion); and then the endless happy stories of the day to day joys of being glasses free.

Memorable Patient Stories

Friendships were made before the party started as we all chatted happily while queuing along the park’s outer circle. The man behind me, a motorcyclist, was especially thrilled to have got rid of his glasses which meant that he could use normal goggles for riding his bike.  His companion, a swimmer, spoke about the joy of being able to see clearly in water; while another woman nearby shared that she had wanted Laser Eye Surgery for some time and had brought the subject up with her GP. Although the decision for elective surgery was only hers to make, the doctor went on to advise that the London Vision Clinic, would be “without doubt” the best place if she chose to have the procedure.

Overhearing this, another patient shared that he had first heard about the London Vision Clinic from his doctor who had himself had his eyesight corrected by Dr. Dan.  Apparently this doctor had been so thrilled with the results and the treatment he received; he had gone on to recommend the procedure to all his patients.

Over supper and while admiring an immaculately groomed and friendly llama, my partner and I got talking to another couple.  Daniela, who works in IT in the City, had hated her poor eye sight and thick glasses for years.  Since her surgery in 2008, she enjoyed every aspect of being glasses free – not only in the office and working at her computer, but also as part of a community orchestra where she plays the flute.

My new friend’s musical style includes a passion for jazz and so we – and?

all the other guests – were able to enjoy the smoothest tones of Dr. Dan’s saxophone. We have since made plans to meet up next month at the 606 Club in Chelsea to hear him play again.

Guests petting llama at London Zoo

Professor Reinstein Speaks

Before joining his quartet, Dr. Dan made a short speech in which he expressed surprise how quickly the past ten years had flown by. He also remained amazed about the misinformation which continues to be circulated about Laser Eye Surgery. The most common comment he heard from patients following each procedure was still: “I wish I had had it done years ago!” he said.

For the guests at the 10th anniversary party it a great opportunity not only to share the special experience of being treated at the London Vision Clinic, but also a chance to catch up with members of the team who we had met at each stage of our patient journey.

On behalf of all of us glasses-free guests, I would like to say to everyone who works at the London Vision Clinic: “Thank you” for your hospitality on the night; and also for looking after us so well during all our visits to 138 Harley Street.