Media Friendly Dr. Dan … Wicked!

Dr Dan is, what we call in the business, “Media Friendly”. In other words, he is a great communicator – one who can spontaneously deliver  his message in exactly the right tone whether his audience comprises top ophthalmic surgeons at a world congress  or avant-garde music lovers tuning in to BBC Radio6.

Those listening to the George Lamb Show on July 14th heard how Dr Dan could hold his own on the banter-front by returning the quick fire humour of George and his side kicks – one of whom – claimed to be colour blind. Co host, Mark had found it difficult to distinguish between black and brown while Dr Dan – joking aside – explained the more usual red/green confusion and how 3-D glasses work.

He also delighted his audience by dispelling a couple of old wives’ tales by announcing that too much sex will not make you near-sighted and that getting up close and personal with the TV screen is also not bad for your eyes.

Here’s the listen again link…

LVC BBC 6 George Lamb Show July 14th 2009 by George Lamb

Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield have a somewhat different interviewing technique. On one of Fern’s last broadcasts she confided that she found it difficult to see the details on her car’s control panel and  that she used reading glasses. This was a few days before her 52nd birthday and, as such, not at all unusual as Dr Dan explained – it happens to everybody eventually.Phillip confessed that he had seriously considered Laser Eye Surgery but had many questions and doubts about its outcome and how long it would last.

Alongside Dr Dan on the “This Morning” sofa was Frances Lawrence who was obviously thrilled with the results of her blended vision  surgery carried out at the LVC in March. Viewers were even treated to a snippet (sic) of a film of the procedure.

Phillip Schofield touched a chord with many people by complaining about the number of glasses he had dotted around his house and announced – at the end of the slot – that he was now a “step nearer” undergoing Laser Eye Surgery. He hasn’t yet, however, taken up Dr Dan’s offer of operating “live on-air”.

Now that, in Radio6 speak, would be WICKED!