More Thoughts On Truth!

Dr Kishore Raj Pradhan from Nepal with his wife and Vimal
Dr Kishore Raj Pradhan from Nepal with his wife and Vimal

Having written about the Three Phases of Truth and how they might relate to the expectations of the Laser Eye Humanitarian Project in Nepal, it occurred to me that the thoughts of the German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, could also be applied to most medical developments and scientific inventions – including the pioneering work carried out by the London Vision Clinic.

– First they are ridiculed.

– Second they are fiercely and violently opposed.

– Third they become self-evident.

The next layer of the theory is as follows:

When a new way is suggested, people often criticize it as strange, outlandish, or even at odds with how the laws of the universe. It is lambasted and laughed at.

Then when momentum begins to build for change, ridicule gives way to concerted opposition. The forces that benefit from the current situation feel affronted. They defend the status quo with whatever means necessary.

Finally this momentum builds into an undeniable force – it creates an incentive for the power-holders to move from their adamant position. Now the impossible is not only possible, it becomes the new standard. It becomes self-evident.

So now we have a glimpse of the future… as well as the past.

It might be easier for some others to accept change and view developments with the benefit of hindsight; but those of us connected to the London Vision Clinic are always going to be several steps ahead.