On-line Access From Anywhere

The London Vision Clinic’s paper-free approach to eye tests and storage of patients’ notes has very positive practical implications as well as the obvious advantages.

Patient’s notes stored in this way can be accessed from anywhere in the world. For instance  if Dr Dan -taking a well earned break skiing with his family in Switzerland – is called upon to give a second opinion, he can access all the patient’s files from his mountain top chalet.

Or if a patient wakes up on a Sunday morning with a question about his treatment, an ophthalmologist can review the situation from the comfort of his or her home – without having to physically go in to the clinic to be fully informed on the case.

Getting rid of patients’ paper notes is a tremendous advantage for all concerned and another way that the London Vision Clinic is able to improve its service.

Incidentally the only piece of paper which appeared – albeit briefly – during my extensive check up was about the size of a credit card receipt. It rolled out of a machine which measures and records the corneal thickness. Soon after, it too was scanned and added to my virtual file of notes.

Now where did I put my note book? Aha it’s here … buried under the “Must Do” file which is bursting with de-cluttering tips.