Overcoming Nerves Means Steven Now Enjoys The Best Of Both Worlds

Steven impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of staff at London Vision Clinic

Terysa, Clinic Coordinator At The London Vision Clinic, Was Desperate To See Her Father Experience Freedom From Glasses

When I first mentioned the possibility of having Laser Eye Surgery to my glasses-dependent father, I did so without any expectation that he’d actually want to go through with it. I mentioned it only in the vague hope that he’d be interested; after all, this is the man who faints at the sight of blood, has never voluntarily visited the doctor, and has to run from the room if any medical program is being shown on television.

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that having a voluntary procedure on his eyes would be something my father, Steven, would be interested in. However, the enthusiasm with which he took up my suggestion only indicated just how big an impact his spectacles were having on his quality of life.

My name is Terysa and I work at London Vision Clinic as a Clinic Coordinator. I see the amazing results of Laser Eye Surgery every day, and I was desperate for my father to experience freedom from glasses. He wore glasses for both reading and distance vision, and has become more and more dependent on them as the years go by. Unfortunately he never tolerated varifocal spectacles and he also disliked the prescription sunglasses. As a result, it wasn’t uncommon to see my father walking around with his sunglasses over the top of his spectacles, which, as my poor mother pointed out, wasn’t the coolest look.

Laser Eye Surgery: Steve’s Experiences Before, During And Just After The Surgery

Of his Pre-operative appointments at the London Vision Clinic, Steven says, “I was so impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of all the staff, I had all my questions and concerns answered by both my Optometrist Vimal and my surgeon, Mr Glenn Carp. I felt to be in extremely safe hands.”

On the day of surgery, Steven put on a brave face, but I could tell he was extremely nervous. Even though I am used to dealing with nervous patients and encouraging them to relax and de-stress, it was a very different experience doing so with my own father. Steven says that he “was very anxious about the thought of having the surgery, but I had to just trust what Glenn was doing and try not to think too much about it! The head and shoulder massage before surgery definitely helped me to relax though, and after all my drops and medications were explained to me, I felt confident about the post-op care.”

Of the actual procedure Steven couldn’t believe how fast it went, and afterwards wondered why he was nervous in the first place! “It didn’t hurt at all, I just lay on the bed and followed Glenn’s instructions – which pretty much just involved staring at a light the whole time. It was easy!”

In the days following his treatment, Steven couldn’t believe the difference in his vision. Because he had the Blended Vision treatment, he’d had both his reading and distance vision treated and now experienced the best of both worlds. He would constantly read out the smallest print he could find, both impressing and irritating my mother who requires glasses for reading (she is now planning on having treatment at the London Vision Clinic as soon as her schedule permits!).

He was especially moved by his ability to suddenly read the tiny print on the labels of his clothing. My mother can now justifiably request that he does all the washing since he’s the one who can read the instructions on the label!

Thoughts 6 Weeks After Laser Eye Surgery

Author of this blog article: Terysa (Clinic Coordinator at the London Vision Clinic)

Steven’s treatment was 6 weeks ago now. He says, “My vision is excellent, and I can’t believe that I no longer need to wear glasses all the time! I can read everything, even print that is very small but I also have clear vision in the distance. My middle distance vision is still a little blurred but Vimal assures me that this is normal and will sharpen up as my eyes heal.”

“I also need to use eye drops regularly because my eyes are quite dry, especially if I’m outside, and I find that my night vision is also affected – when I’m driving at night-time I notice that the lights are quite bright, and I find it a little difficult to judge distances because of that.”

“However I knew that there was a prolonged healing process, and I was fore-warned by Vimal and Glenn that eye dryness and night vision disturbances were to be expected. I was told at my post-operative checks that my vision is spot on target, and that it can take up to 12 months for the eyes to heal completely. Overall, I’m extremely happy that I overcame my nerves and went through with the procedure – it was absolutely worth it!”