Lucy’s PRK Lasek Surgery Procedure And Healing Times

The following video shows Lucy having a surface laser procedure at the London Vision Clinic by Professor Dan Reinstein and illustrates Lucy’s vision results as well as healing. It is known as PRK Lasek, or Epi Lasik. The main difference between them is the healing time. In Lasik the healing time is a few hours and in PRK Lasek the healing time is a few days.

Lucy’s Initial Reaction After The Laser Eye Surgery

Professor Dan Reinstein: A little different?

Lucy: yeah.

Professor Dan Reinstein: Can you see some numbers up there?

Lucy: Yes, I can see the clock.

Professor Dan Reinstein: that’s a big clock

Lucy: Oh my God.

Professor Dan Reinstein: What do you see over there?

Lucy: I can see the signs, I can read them, I know what to do if there’s a fire, it’s great!

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Lucy Describes Own Personal Experiences Two Weeks After Laser Eye Surgery

It changes my confidence in the world enormously. Lucy: It’s been two weeks since my operation and the first few days were a bit fuzzy because I was on pain medication and then it was just incredible. I can see everything, it sounds like such a stupid thing to say, but I can.

And, I don’t have to fiddle around with putting my lenses in and you know that was a great moment the sort of glorious, here is my lens solution, here is the bin! Goodbye! I mean it was just fantastic! It changes my confidence in the world enormously.

On a purely maternal note you know it’s I can see her in focus first thing in the morning and you know I’m going to pick my daughter and I don’t have to think about my glasses and that is a complete joy.