Putting On The 3D Specs

Let sleeping lions lie

Glenn Carp, was born and brought up in South Africa so it is hardly surprising that he should use examples of wildlife to explain the concept of binocular vision, depth of perception (or stereoacuities) and what happens to our sight when we put on those special 3D glasses and sit back with a bag of popcorn.

With the blockbuster Avatar, the launch of the first 3D televisions and Sky promoting its 3D sports schedule; there is no doubt that 3D is currently enjoying something of a comeback.

And it is correct that the recent wave of interest be described as “a comeback”, because 3D films are not new. In fact they have been around since 1890 and who could forget those iconic pictures of the fifties which showed audiences all gazing in the same direction looking frankly weird in their cardboard red and green glasses.

Today the glasses might be slightly more flattering and the filming techniques no doubt more sophisticated but the principle is still the same: to allow us to watch a motion picture that enhances the illusion of depth perception.

I was especially interested to discover what would happen to us London Vision Clinic patients who are enjoying the many benefits of blended vision correction for presbyopia. As one of our eyes has been corrected for near and mid distance, and the other for mid and far distance; how would we experience the 3D effect?

Would the 3D specs work for us?

The answer is a straightforward “yes”.

My presbyopia correction in no way affected the way that I experienced Avatar. In fact I am certain that it was considerably easier and more enjoyable for me to get lost in the wonders of planet Pandora, than my companion who struggled to put the 3D glasses on top of his own prescription specs which was rather awkward.

It also led to a memorable exit moment when he threw his prescription glasses into the recycling 3D glasses’ box by mistake; and began walking across the cinema foyer wearing the 3D ones instead.

After some frantic rummaging we managed eventually to retrieve his specs.

We both agreed that this was another good reason to explore the possibilities of Laser Eye Surgery at the London Vision Clinic.