London Vision Clinic Service Recognized By Harper’s Bazaar

The words “laser eye surgery” send chills of fear and anxiety up the spines of most. It is perfectly normal for potential Laser Eye Surgery patients to have a few hang-ups about such an innovative surgery. We’ve all heard the horror stories. Rumors run rampant that it’s painful and that you can smell flesh burning-neither of which, when in the right hands, should ever be true.

Ajesh Patalay, Harper’s Bazaar Contributing Editor and resident Culture Vulture wrote about his experience at London Vision Clinic. Here, we have retold his story:

With the right surgeon there is no reason for you to fear the Laser Eye Surgery procedure, but there is always cause to put in the research with more and more clinics opening. London Vision Clinic makes this easy with globally recognized medical professionals in the optical field. The clinic’s surgeons, like Dan Reinstein, specialize in the procedure. They are experienced and have wonderful reputations. They are sympathetic and understanding about the concerns of patients and welcome patients interested in the procedure to come in for a consultation. If you are eligible for the procedure, medical professionals will walk you through the procedure step-by-step and explain any necessary pre-surgery tests.

In case you do decide to go through with the Laser Eye Surgery, let’s talk about the day of the procedure and what you can really expect.

On the day of the surgery, a nurse meets with you pre-surgery to explain the post-surgery care. The nurses at LVC are friendly and compassionate. They understand that this is a big deal and that you have put a lot of faith in their facility and medical professionals! Once they have explained the post surgery care, as well as the importance of prescribed eye drops and resting your eyes, you are prepped for the actual procedure. Nurses provide pain pills, an anti-nausea, and administer antiseptic eye drops.

The whole Laser Eye Surgery takes less than one minute per eye. In reviews from patients, it has been remarked that Reinstein is extremely supportive of his patients during the procedure, as he talks his patients through the process. As each eye is operated on, the adjacent eye is taped shut. This is, of course, the part of the surgery that most people fear. One common myth is that if you move you run the risk of causing damaging your eye or botching the procedure. Eye tracking technology disables the laser immediately should you move your eye at all during the procedure. Furthermore, antiseptic eye drops prevent pain.

Patients have said that they thought the countdown was until the procedure began, not realizing that the countdown was actually the procedure itself! If you are considering the surgery and would like any remaining anxiety further allayed, the staff at London Vision Clinic are available to answer your questions and concerns. You can make an appointment today with one of their world-renowned medical professionals for a noncommittal consultation by calling 0207 224 1005.

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