Sizzling Time At The London Vision Clinic Summer BBQ

Summer BBQ celebration in full swing

Canapés, Pimms, sizzling meat, glorious sunshine, summer hats, music and magic, were all part of the mix in W1’s Fitzroy Square as London Vision Clinic celebrate their yearly Summer BBQ with patients, surgeons and friends!

As I arrived, I was given a warm welcome by the staff of London Vision Clinic. Two well-made Pimms later, I was already engrossed in conversation with some interesting characters, hearing fascinating life stories and experiences of guests and patients of the clinic.

There were no limits to the endless positive comments, sharing of life stories and appreciation to London Vision Clinic, as I wondered through the crowds – in search secretly for the person wearing eyeglasses.

“…I will be going to the Himalayas in a few months and plan to go white water rafting.  I have never been able to consider an adventure like this last year.  Thanks to having the surgery at London Vision Clinic, only a few months ago now, I am actually doing it!” Guest and patient of London Vision Clinic.

“… I don’t have to spend my time searching for my glasses anymore.  Feels great that my mind is clear to think of other things!” Guest and patient of London Vision Clinic.

The evening was not wholly occupied by talk of Laser Eye Surgery. There was plentiful choice of food, with 3 different BBQ stands sizzling away the food for the guests.  Dan Reinstein, the head surgeon, later entertained the crowds with playing the saxophone as the evening drew to a close and Raj, the magician, with his “x-ray” vision after being treated with Laser Eye Surgery at the clinic entertained guests with card tricks.

Dan Reinstein entertains guests at the London Vision Clinic Summer BBQ

One glasses wearer I did meet said: “.. went to the BBQ with an open mind, having looked at Laser Eye Surgery before but not done anything about it.  I quickly noticed that I was about the only person wearing glasses there! Speaking with a few recent patients, it quickly became clear how happy everyone was with the results… The atmosphere was very relaxed, with the evening sun streaming through the trees and quartet playing in the centre of the park.  The evening was topped off with Dr Dan playing the sax for us, which was a nice touch and drew a good crowd. I felt the evening did relax me about the prospect of Laser Eye Surgery and I would recommend anyone worried about the procedure to speak to others who have gone through the process as it has helped me” Ian Harper, guest at the BBQ.

Do you know of any other clinic that hosts such a party for patients?  It was a wonderful evening, thanks to London Vision Clinic.

If you are interested in learning more about Laser Eye Surgery or would like to hear further testimonials from patients of the London Vision Clinic, please contact us.