Sky Diver Jakob

One week after having ReLEx SMILE surgery, Jakob Anguiers, skydiver and amateur Youtuber, was hurtling towards the ground at a speed of around 125mph. Although he’d done many jumps in the past, this was the first time he’d done so in what he calls Ultra 4k definition, and crucially, without having to constantly worry about his contact lenses.

Think about it. You put your gear on, go through all the preparations and safety checks, and board one of the smallest planes you’ve ever seen in your life. You can already feel the adrenaline and before it even leaves the ground, you desperately need to pee. As you ascend, the real nerves kick in, and an endless stream of questions comes pouring into your brain along with a growing urge to call the whole thing off.

The plane plateaus at around 12,500 feet, and some guy screams at you to get ready to jump. But what’s that? You notice something funny about one of your eyes. It’s drying up. The contacts you’re wearing are failing and you’re now tumbling out of the plane, spiralling and not able to see a thing and about to relieve yourself all over the poor guy behind you.

Luckily for Jakob and any of his instructors, this scenario never quite happened. But he was fed up of being reliant on contact lenses and constantly at risk of their many shortcomings. In the video below, he mentions how if anything were to happen and he couldn’t find his glasses or contacts, then he was pretty much stuck.

So, in June this year, Jakob decided to take back his independence and find out more about Laser Eye Surgery. After having some initial concerns over the risks and the safety of the procedure, he soon discovered there was nothing to worry about.

As he describes, Laser Eye Surgery is like anything — skydiving, driving a car, crossing the road — it comes with a certain level of risk. And as a procedure that’s been around for decades and performed on over sixty million eyes, all the while being continually refined and improved, that risk is small and calculated.

Skydiver Jakob tells of his experience with ReLEX SMILE and tests his new vision on a jump just one week after the treatment.

What’s more, the level of risk is minimised by what you do to manage it. If you jump out of a plane naked with no parachute or guide, the level of risk is pretty high. But if you jump out with a fully equipped jumpsuit, with parachute, reserve parachute, safety devices, and an experienced team with you, the risk is marginal and you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

In Laser Eye Surgery, even though the risk is already extremely low, it can be minimised even further by choosing an expert surgeon and a high-quality clinic for the treatment. For this reason, Jakob went to London Vision Clinic and chose Prof Reinstein, an internationally renowned laser eye surgeon and pioneer in the world of vision correction.

Due to his sport, Jakob didn’t go for the common LASIK treatment but instead opted for ReLEx SMILE. SMILE is in many ways like LASIK, but as it’s a keyhole procedure that doesn’t require the creation of a flap, it comes with several advantages. For Jakob, those advantages meant he was able to return to his sport in a matter of a few days instead of a few weeks.

In his video account, he talks about his journey from start to finish: the comprehensive consultation process, where his eyes were screened and checked three times, his 24-hour post op check up, where his eyes were already nearly 20:20, and his first, and more or less final, week of recovery.

The video also contains footage of his jump, after which he thanks Prof Reinstein for gifting him with the treatment that changed his life. At the end of the video he answers the question of would he do it again, responding without hesitation: “One hundred percent, definitely.”

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