Something For The Weekend: British Wildlife Photography Exhibition

With sub-zero temperatures expected this weekend, there is no better way to enjoy it but within the warmth of a cosy gallery. Why not visit the Horniman Museum and view some breath-taking imagery from the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2011?

The British Wildlife Photography Awards

The British Wildlife Photography Awards, established in 2009 has built a reputation as one of this country’s most prestigious photographic competitions. This exhibition clearly exemplifies the rich diversity Britain has to offer and we can see in the Horniman Museum. All images are taken in their natural habitat and reinforces that as a community, we all need to take a step forward to protect our local environment.

Recognising both amateur and professional photographers, the Horniman Museum features the highlights from the 2011 awards and images vary from a jelly fish photographed in icy Scotland, to a grey seal swimming off the coast of Devon. This year’s overall winner  of British Wildlife Photography Awards was Richard Shucksmith for his ‘Jellyfish in the Blue Sea of Sula Sgier’. Another highlight includes ‘Mystical Mist’ by London-based photographer, Mark Smith. His image featuring a fallow deer in Richmond Park won him the award in the Portraits category.

Young Competition

'Jellyfish in the Blue Sea of Sula Sgier' by Richard Shucksmith
‘Jellyfish in the Blue Sea of Sula Sgier’ by Richard Shucksmith

The British Wildlife Photography Awards competition also encourages aspiring young photographers with a separate category named ‘Young British Wildlife Photographer’ for those between 12 to 18 years. Perhaps the most eye-catching image would have to be this year’s winner, Oliver Wilks’ image of a yawning fox. With this image, the 16-year-old has effortlessly portrayed warmth and depth to this imagery.

Although this exhibition has not been artfully curated, the photographs truly come to life and are guaranteed to be a visual treat. Furthermore, with the simplicity of  exhibition allows you to interpret the images as you wish and if you are an animal lover, it will simply be an added treat!

This exhibition runs until 24 February 2013, so next weekend will never be too late. For more information visit the Horniman Museum and Gardens.