Stress With Specs

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If you are a spectacle wearer, you will undoubtedly be aware of the stress that glasses can cause.  Specs may seem like the perfect solution if you find contact lenses too pricey, uncomfortable, unsuitable, or simply too fussy and time-consuming but, for many people, they can in fact be just as irksome.

Imagine James, for example.  He walks into his warm office and his specs instantly fog up, causing him to have to stop and clear them.  It’s frustrating and he looks a little silly too.  He takes them off to wipe them but only manages to smear them, distorting his already framed vision.  Never mind, he thinks to himself with resignation, they will be dirty again soon enough and he can give them a good clean then.  After all, who wants to see the world through smeared and dirt-tinted glasses?

Imagine Amanda too.  Her frames don’t fit her face properly, leaving uncomfortable pressure points at her nose and on the sides of her head.  When she takes them off to relieve the discomfort, she has unsightly red marks on her nose.  What’s more, she has a tendency to lose her specs – or worse, accidentally drop them and break them!  There are other problems too, like the struggle of finding the perfect frames to suit your face, or how easily the lenses become scratched and distorted.  It seems never ending.  Both Amanda and James get exasperated by wearing glasses, but since neither can wear contact lenses, they think that there is no alternative.

The truth is, specs cause all sorts of stress.  In fact, they are a mass of fogging, scratching, losing, breaking, smudging, smearing, dirty, uncomfortable frustration.  What James and Amanda aren’t aware of though, is that glasses and contacts are not the only answers.  Laser Eye Surgery is an increasingly popular solution to vision problems and can result in fantastic improvements in sight, as well as comfort and the eradication of all those pesky specs stresses and contact lens issues.  In fact, for James and Amanda, Laser Eye Surgery would be perfect.  After a simple, low-risk procedure, and a short recovery period, all of their previous problems could be over.  After Laser Eye Surgery, specs wearers can enjoy the freedom of clear, smudge-free, and frustration-free vision.

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