Jam-Jar Glasses For A Lifetime?

People with high prescriptions and complicated vision problems – especially those who have worn their glasses for a very long time – may well remember “jam-jar” or “coke-bottle” glasses as an object of embarrassment from their schooldays. Practical, yes – but fashionable? …

The 10 Most Annoying Things About Reading Glasses

In life, it can sometimes feel like there are just two types of people – those that wear glasses and those that don’t. And, let’s be honest, those people who don’t have to wear glasses will never understand some of the frustrations they cause! Are any of these familiar to you?…

Laser Eye Surgery – Live Without Regrets

Our patients often tell us how, when considering having laser eye surgery, they had many fears about the procedure, thinking it risky and worrying that it would be painful. However, people frequently report that their initial consultation began to put them at ease, as our highly specialised staff answered all of their questions precisely, knowledgeably, and openly….

The Pros And Cons Of Glasses And Contact Lenses

It can be difficult to decide whether glasses or contact lenses are right for you. Where glasses may be better for some things, contact lenses are an improvement in other areas. Laser eye surgery is an elective procedure that can eliminate the need to use glasses or contact lenses but before you decide to opt for it, we thought we’d share some pros and cons for glasses and contact lenses….