Jam-Jar Glasses For A Lifetime?

People with high prescriptions and complicated vision problems – especially those who have worn their glasses for a very long time – may well remember “jam-jar” or “coke-bottle” glasses as an object of embarrassment from their schooldays. Practical, yes – but fashionable?

The way that high prescription thick lenses, may change your appearance is one issue to consider – but there are also practical considerations that can make glasses more of a hindrance than a help in some situations.

A High Prescription Can Interfere With Your Life


As many of our patients with a very high prescription will attest, applying make-up can be next to impossible. Bad eyesight can prevent you from applying make-up without wearing your glasses – but with your glasses propped up on your nose, it is not exactly feasible either. Contact lenses, while a solution for some, are not suitable for everyone with a high or complicated prescription. Wearing eye make-up and contact lenses at the same time can also irritate the eye,s and increase the risk of infection.

During active hobbies and favourite pastimes such as swimming, running, aerobics and dancing, high prescription glasses can be a huge inconvenience. For some people, they are even a total barrier to doing certain sports.

Don’t Give Up Hope On Laser Eye Surgery

Many people with a high and complicated prescription dismiss the idea of Laser Eye Surgery before they have properly researched the possibilities. They might have heard that only minor vision errors can be corrected, or that problems such as astigmatism are not treatable with Laser Eye Surgery.

Of course, it is true that there are still many clinics that don’t have the technology to treat complicated vision errors and high prescriptions. Therefore, if you’ve actually taken the step of booking a first appointment and seeking advice at a Laser Eye Surgery clinic, you might have had the disappointing experience of being turned down.

The London Vision Clinic, however, is able to treat most high and complicated prescriptions. Combined with the best technology available, our highly skilled and experienced surgeons  are able to treat 98% of people who come to us.

If you have a high prescription or complicated vision error, there is no need to give up hope on being treated and having your vision corrected with Laser Eye Surgery.

So Maybe You Could Throw Away Your Jam-Jar Glasses…

Your chances of being successfully treated at the London Vision Clinic are considerably high.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your questions and concerns – we are happy to talk with you at any time. You can give us a call on 020 7224 1005, or fill out our easy contact form, and we will happily answer your questions.