The 10 Most Annoying Things About Reading Glasses

A hand holding a pair of glasses

In life, it can sometimes feel like there are just two types of people – those that wear glasses and those that don’t. And, let’s be honest, those people who don’t have to wear glasses will never understand some of the frustrations they cause! Are any of these familiar to you?

10. Cooking = foggy glasses

Yes, it happens to us all. And we always ask ourselves why we never learn that when we open the oven door or drain our pasta, the steam will fog up our glasses. Every. Single. Time.

9. Waking up in the morning and forgetting where you left them… Then finding them somewhere really obvious!

It begins calmly. You can’t remember where you left your glasses last night. After a quick rummage in your bag, things begin to escalate.

Before you know it, you’re recounting yesterday’s steps, charging through your entire house like a bull in a china shop. You empty drawers and cupboards, fish down the back of the sofa, crawl underneath your bed – you’re almost at the point of despair, when you glance up and see them sitting on your bedside table.

8. Your prescription keeps changing

Time for another eye test! You arrive at the opticians to be faced with the all-too-familiar chart of letters and the horrible realisation that you can’t read the line you could last time…

Next, there’s that look from the optician as you’re told your sight has worsened and you will, in fact, need new glasses. Again.

7. Getting new ones: expensive, a hassle and just not fun

Another pair of glasses, another chunk of cash you had earmarked for something much more interesting. And it’s difficult to choose frames alone. With all the security tags, labels and price stickers, you can sometimes barely see what they look like anyway.

6. Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to wear them…

Whether for reasons of vanity or practicality, sometimes your glasses just don’t go with your outfit – be it ball-gown or beach-wear!

5. When people are like “You’d look so great without glasses!”

Thanks for that.

4. Needing special pairs for scuba diving, sports, going to the cinema, etc

One pair for this, one pair for that – too many pairs in general! Let’s just take inspiration from Notting Hill, save ourselves the hassle and wear our prescription goggles to the movies.

3. Finding a perfect frame feels like a truly momentous occasion.

One day, you spot them; finally a pair of glasses that are the right shape, size, colour, style – the perfect pair. You put them on and you don’t even need a second opinion to know they look great. You shall go to the ball! It’s almost too good to be… Oh no, wait, yep, it is.

You see the price of the glasses and your heart sinks.

2. People asking if they can try them on.

Yes, great idea, let’s all pass around my glasses, try them on and laugh at each other wearing them. After all, that’s exactly why I bought them.

Oh and whilst you’re there, why not comment on how I “really can’t see anything?!” – because I’ve never heard that one before either.

1. You keep breaking them.

Sometimes the lenses pop out from the frames. Other times you’re faced with trying to reattach the arms with those tiny, fiddly screws. Either way, breaking your reading glasses happens way too often.

Do You Have Other Things That Frustrate You About Wearing Glasses?

We’d love to hear some of your stories. Just don’t forget, there is almost always another option! If wearing glasses is getting you down, Laser Eye Surgery – in expert hands – is a safe and effective procedure which can significantly reduce – and often eliminate – your need for them!