The Birth Of A Blog

Like many good ideas, this one pops into my head at 4.00am.

Of course the London Vision Clinic parties and Dr Dan on the sax are a great way for existing patients to keep a connection with the clinic and its pioneering work; but here – at the click of a mouse – is another way… The LVC Blog.

This blog will tell the whole story of the London Vision Clinic from its inception in 2002 to the present day and beyond. It will provide helpful background information for prospective patients, inform on all aspects of eye health news and industry developments as well as media mentions and courses or conferences involving members of the team.

We will also include interviews with Dr Dan and also find out more about other members of his staff – personally, I have often wondered how they felt about going under the laser themselves. Of course, no one in the team wears glasses and I recall a conversation with optometrist Emma who told me how her childhood had been blighted by wearing thick -9.50 prescription glasses – one of the reasons, she confided, for choosing her profession.

We will cover the stories of former patients including those who due to having higher prescriptions than normal had been regarded as unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery by other clinics. The LVC has pioneered methods they call High Profile Treatments for safely treating these people with laser surgery.

In brief the LVC blog will become essential, informative and hopefully entertaining reading and listening for anyone considering Laser Eye Surgery as well as those who are now happily glasses-free and, like me, just want to keep in touch.

But who should be the blog´s “voice”?