The Hunter And The Hunted

London Vision Clinic surgeon, Glenn Carp, enjoys most sports including rugby, skiing and scuba-diving. In his native South Africa his idea of a great weekend was to load up an old Land Rover and head to a game reserve.

Casting the line

After moving to London with his wife Deirdre, Glenn swapped his passion for the African veldt for the verdant pastures of England and Scotland. The couple began exploring the country side in their free time and were particularly attracted to the Cotswolds, Lake District and the Scottish highlands where his passion for fly fishing took hold.

“I used to make the flies myself – it’s quite intricate and detailed – but the problem with making your own is that each area has its own local fly of choice. These are based on the local insects that the fish normally feed on – so local fishing shops are more reliable and a much easier source.”

Choosing the right fly is just one of the skills involved in successful fly fishing. Others include positioning the fly in the right spot and presenting the fly on the surface of the water with as little disruption as possible – leading the fish to think that it is a real fly.

When a passing salmon or trout has taken the bait, it’s all about feeding the line and “playing” the fish in a gentle battle between the hunter and the hunted and, ultimately, hanging on to the line and not letting your supper go.

A trout gets interested

“You might go for the same fish and play with her twenty times and there is no interest because you are not presenting the right fly at the right time in the correct place.

“It might be all about changing your stance or position so that the fish cannot see you – or sometimes they are simply not hungry – but that’s the challenge”, explains Glenn.

“The point is that you are in the zone and it helps you clear your mind. You can literally, switch off. We all live such busy lives with so many distractions…”

Fortunately Deirdre also likes being in the Great Outdoors where she enjoys reading, taking photographs and relaxing while Glenn fishes.