The top tip to looking younger: don’t wear reading glasses

There’s no shortage of anti ageing and beauty tips that promise to turn back the years. But no matter what they may be, there’s always a catch.

It could be a powerful herb from the Amazonian rainforest that can give you the skin of a teenager, but only if you can find and bathe in it for 8 hours every day.

It may be a risky surgical procedure that tightens up loose skin, but at the same time leaves you with a huge scar and loss of feeling across one side of your face.

Or what about a revolutionary new injection, which for the small cost of a new sports car every week can maybe make you look 21 again.

That catch pretty much always means the same thing: none of them actually do exactly what they claim to or provide any substantial, long lasting benefits.

But the good news is there are tonnes of anti-ageing tricks that don’t require compromise — we just don’t think of them as such. Things like vegetables and meditation that don’t come with labels that say “guaranteed to make you look 10 years younger” or “Proven to reduce wrinkles in less than 1 week”.

Hidden in the plain light of day, these are the true secrets of how people stay looking and feeling young. Nutrient-dense diets fill us with energy, twice daily meditation routines melt away our stress, and consistent and diverse exercise regimes help us stay supple and sprightly.

I’m not here to tell you to eat your veggies or hit the gym, though. Rather I want to share one of the best kept free and instant anti-ageing secrets around: giving up your reading glasses.

The eyes say more about a person’s age than any other part of the body. And as the anchor for how we interact with each other, they receive most of our attention too.

Ever heard that a person makes a judgement about someone within the first few milliseconds of their meeting? It’s true, and it’s only possible because the eyes speak a thousand words. If they’re framed by a pair of reading glasses that have been around the block a few times, I don’t need to tell you what people are going to think.

But let’s face it, you’re beyond picking up strangers in bars (well, mostly) and getting hung up on superficial opinions. You care more about how you feel, and if you feel young, then as far as you care, you’re still young. The problem is that pair of cheap granny readers just don’t really foster your sense of carefree youthfulness — and so the fire that was once burning so intensely inside you is now a subtle flame that’s slowly fading away.

The thing is you can’t function properly without your specs. And so you feel bound forever to require medical aid to accomplish even the simplest of tasks like reading the post or doing the shopping.

You’ve exhausted all the other available methods for counteracting the look and sense of ageing, so how about it: get rid of the very rims that frame your view of the world! Most people don’t even consider it, stuck in the belief that it’s not possible. But since the introduction of PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision in 2004, thousands of people have already turned back the clock on their vision and age. And all with a quick, minimally-invasive, and catch-free treatment.

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