The 10 Most Frequent Places to Lose Your Reading Glasses…

Glasses from London Vision Clinic patients donated to charity

It happens to the best of us. You need your reading glasses but when you go to grab them from your bag, or you desk, or your head, they’re no longer there! You’ve left them somewhere… Again! (Queue frustration and mild self-loathing.)

Here’s our list of the top-ten most common places to misplace your specs:

1. A Public Swimming Pool

Obviously, you remove your glasses before diving in and typically, they are the last item you take off, so are carefully placed at the top of your locker.

When you get out, you’re so busy trying to maintain your dignity whilst rummaging around for your towel that making sure you put your specs ‘somewhere safe’ is not your top priority.

2. Nightclubs

You head out for ‘one drink’ straight from work on a Friday and, before you know it, you’re clubbing with your colleagues. Your reading glasses have been replaced with beer goggles and you’re blissfully unaware until the following morning – when it’s not just your vision, but your head that’s hazy too.

3. The Airport

You’re at the airport, sauntering between the cafes, duty-free shops and cramped seating. You take your glasses on and off at steady 5-minute intervals as you keep a keen eye on the screen, waiting for your gate to be announced.

Finally, it flashes up and you head off to sit in a different waiting room. As you go to double check the seat number on your boarding pass, you realise the error of your ways. You no longer have your glasses and now it’s too late. Great start to your holiday.

4. The Beach

You feel too awkward to wear your sunglasses over your reading glasses in public, so settle for blurred vision but a bit of style with your sunnies. Naturally, you leave your other glasses behind and vow never to choose style over practicality again!

5. Hotels

Despite a thorough check of the hotel room before leaving (including looking under the bed twice), you can’t help but feel you’ve forgotten something. It’s only in the taxi on the way back to the airport, you realise it’s your glasses…

6. Taxis

If, however, you’ve made it out of your hotel wearing your glasses, it is here in the taxi that your real challenge begins. The cab is somewhat of a black hole for glasses. You’re never quite sure how this happens, but all too often, you emerge from the taxi, whilst your glasses do not.

7. The Train

After a long week, you’re feeling quite cosy on your commute home. You might just rest your eyes (just for a moment) and of course, we all know that napping in glasses is not comfortable.

You wake up sharply, at your stop, with no time to spare. You make it to the platform just in time to see your glasses sitting comfortably on your seat, heading off into the distance.

8. Libraries

Losing your reading glasses in the library sounds like a punch line to a bad joke. But trust us, we’ve been there too.

9. Bars And Restaurants

Whilst skimming through the menu at your friend’s birthday meal, somebody suggests a photograph. You whip off your glasses, discard them quickly and don’t give them a second thought until the next day.


10. The Gym

Glasses and the gym pose an interesting problem. You can’t run on the treadmill with them, but you can’t see how fast or far you’re going without them. We’re not sure what’s worse, getting home and realising you don’t have your glasses – or squinting at the machine to realise you haven’t run very far after all.

Losing your glasses can be a pain. But the cost of replacing them? Well, that’s even worse! There is another way, a life without reading glasses. Get in touch to discover more about Laser Surgery. We deliver outstanding results.