This Blogger’s Learning Curve

A female friend of mine describes herself as a “Techno Tart” – for the sake of alliteration let’s call her Trisha.

Christina, Michelle and the delightful Disney
Christina, Michelle and the delightful Disney

I feel quaintly old-fashioned after spending time with Trisha and her shiny new iPad. Only interrupted by the sound of emails regularly plopping into the inbox of her iPhone 4, she shows me her holiday photographs in all their hi-tech glory. Not only does she have an enviable bikini body, but she also has the ability to get hold of the latest gadget really quickly … and – even more impressively – to master how they work in record time.  Not for Trisha a patient wait for the teething problems to be ironed out, or for the price to come down. She wants what’s hot right now!

It’s not that I am a Luddite – I am certainly not against technological progress. It’s more that, when it comes to gadgets (not shoes I hasten to add), I become a cautious shopper – someone who weighs up the various applications and advantages before making a commitment. However fancy the page turning features, do I really want to curl up on my sofa reading an on screen iPad book?  Can anything replace the thrill of flicking through fresh paper pages?

At the moment I think that, for me, the answer is no. But never say, never!

Like many technology prudes, (if that’s what we are) I have, however, learned to embrace meaningful shortcuts and helpful time saving inventions that are relevant to my work. I happily remember, during my broadcasting days, the joy of binning the tangled reels of tape along with all the cutting and pasting paraphernalia. It was a terrific breakthrough to discover the new world of digital audio editing at the mere click of a mouse.

I only share this with London Vision Clinic blog readers, because I have been on something of a learning curve and would like to say a big “thank you” to Christina and Michelle for their infinite patience during our recent training session. By sharing their skill and knowledge, I am proud to say that I can now (more or less!) handle the behind the scenes intricacies of this part of the London Vision Clinic website on my own.