Where I Fail To Ask A Burning Question

Where I Fail To Ask A Burning Question

Members of the ESCRS certainly “get about” a bit. Recent gatherings of various size and importance have been held in Paris, London, Athens, Stockholm and Berlin. In Barcelona it was the first time that the city’s prestigious International Convention Centre (CCIB) had been chosen as the venue.

The convention centre is enormous – with the sort of dimensions to merit handing out roller skates to delegates alongside the smart red document cases we were all given for carrying the massive amount of paper work. This included the conference programme which was about the size of a phone book but with glossy paper.

Alongside the schedule of scientific talks and debate, was an in depth educational series of lectures. Even the titles of the various sessions were way over my head; but I soon discovered a very helpful index of speakers at the back where I recognised a couple of friendly names: most notably that of “Dan Reinstein”. It was obvious that Dr. Dan (clearly a sought-after speaker) was going to have a pretty hectic few days running from one conference room to another.

After browsing through the literature I took a turn around the main exhibition hall. Even to my uneducated layman’s eye the laser equipment on show was impressive and the variety of artificial lenses was enormous and extensive. I was also somewhat surprised to note that some delegates and salespeople were wearing glasses. This struck me as unusual as the only specs to be seen at the London Vision Clinic are in the “cast off” charity jar in reception or on the noses of pre-surgery patients in the waiting room.

During the congress, on a couple of occasions, I found myself in one of the many conference rooms sitting next to someone with specs. I was sorely tempted to try and catch their eye, smile sweetly and ask why… I regret to have to confess that I never quite managed to summon up enough courage.

I did mention this conundrum to my London Vision Clinic dinner companions on the first evening. They had also noticed and were surprised by this incongruity. And should you be curious as to what else a group of eye specialists talk about over dinner, then please stay tuned to this blog and I’ll reveal all next time…

Image Source: theiowarepublican.com