Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery If I have Ptosis?

Our uniquely rigorous screening process allows us to safely treat many cases that other surgeons, with less detailed knowledge of your eyes and technically less advanced equipment, would consider borderline or even unsuitable. We use the revolutionary Artemis Insight 100™ scanner, which was co-invented by Professor Reinstein, with which we can map each individual layer of your cornea to one micron – 1,000th of a millimetre.

Nobody else takes as much time as the London Vision Clinic to examine your eyes in detail at the initial assessment before surgery, and nobody else offers the same degree of aftercare.

If you have ptosis you might wonder about your suitability for Laser Eye Surgery. The term Ptosis means drooping or falling of the lower or upper eyelid. This drooping can be worse after being awake for long periods of time as the eye muscles are generally more tired then. Although Ptosis is sometimes referred to as “lazy eye” that term normally refers to Amblyopia. If the condition is severe and left untreated Ptosis can eventually cause Amblyopia.

Explained Further…

“Ptosis is not a contraindication for Laser Eye Surgery. However, a sudden or recent onset of ptosis needs to be looked at by an eye care professional.”

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