Got A High Glasses Prescription? No Problem!

If you have a high glasses prescription, you may be under the belief that Laser Eye Surgery is not an option you for, and consequently preparing yourself to settle for synthetic lens implants.

This is a common belief that stems from the early years of LASIK, when the technology was in its infancy, and clinics were ill equipped to treat eye care patients with severely restricted vision.

Today, technology is much more advanced, and the only restriction for high profile treatments is the clinic’s lack of equipment or expertise.

Laser Eye Surgery involves delicately removing tissue to help reshape the cornea and refocus the eye. In the case of high prescriptions, more tissue needs to be removed—a procedure which can be risky unless the cornea is mapped in extremely fine detail.

Our founder, Professor Reinstein, helped develop the world’s most accurate corneal scanner, the Artemis Insight 100. The Artemis Insight 100 greatly enhances patient safety and refractive outcomes due to it’s ability to map individual layers of corneal tissue to the single micron (1/1000mm).

Here at London Vision Clinic, we own the UK’s first and only Artemis Insight 100, and we’ve been using it to successfully treat patients with very high prescriptions for many years.

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In the following video Mr Glenn Carp of London Vision Clinic further explains why we are world-leaders in the treatment of very high prescriptions.

The latest advancements in Laser Eye Surgery have led to the development of our ReLEx SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction) keyhole procedure, a minimally invasive procedure which allows for more accurate and even safer treatments—ideal for those with higher prescriptions.

With ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery treatment at London Vision Clinic, eye care patients with prescriptions of higher than -10 can be treated—unlike traditional Laser Eye Surgery which can only correct up to a maximum of -8 and -10. ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery also eliminates the prolonged healing time associated LASEK / PRK.

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