Can I Play Sport And Drive After Laser Surgery?

Anyone looking to have Laser Eye Surgery is often confronted with a few concerns of their own, but one common concern we here often from our patients is about the recovery process—specifically, what restriction surgery will have on activities such as sport and driving.

At London Vision Clinic, we work with the latest in laser eye technology to ensure patients are back living ordinary—even extraordinary—lives in the shortest time possible.

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Can I Play Sport After Laser Surgery?

After LASIK or ReLEx SMILE surgery, patients can be back partaking in their usual activities such as football, swimming, and skiing, in as little as two weeks. The only restriction at this stage is that protective eyewear must be worn, and activities which may lead to physical contact with the eye must be avoided.

For high-impact sports such as boxing and martial arts, we recommend waiting at least one month, but within this time patients can return to training following the necessary precautions outlined above.

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Can I Drive After Surgery?

Here at London Vision Clinic the majority of our patients are back in the driving seat on the first day following surgery. The surgeon will conduct a thorough consultation on this day to assess whether or not you are ready to drive, and may recommend you wait another day or two until your eyesight becomes completely stable, however, within 24 hours, 98% of our patients are up to the legal driving standard or better.

To begin with, we advise only to drive short distances as long distance driving without using lubricant drops can dry out your eyes.

Here are some reassuring words on driving post-surgery from our founder Professor Dan Reinstein:

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