How Long Is The Initial Screening?

Mr Glenn Carp – “The initial screening is divided into three phases.  The first phase is with one of our patient care coordinators who will then run through a lot of information surrounding Laser Surgery in the process.  You then spend time with one of our nursing staff, who help us to obtain the best quality scans in relation to your eyes.  There are numerous scans that need to be done and this data is collated for every single patient and then probably the most important phase is where you meet and spend time with one of the clinical staff, one of the optometrists will run through a full battery of not only the clinical findings about your eyes on testing, but also they will have to look the information side of the process. They will run through with you with the risks, the pros, the cons, the advantages, and the alternatives to having surgery.  This whole process takes on average about two hours from start to finish.”

Initial Screening Explained Further…

The initial screening usually takes 2 hours.

Mr Glenn Carp describes the process of the initial screening.

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Although initially very nervous about the whole procedure, I was very impressed by the pre-op information and care, the actual procedure and the result achieved.– Julia Clarke

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