It’s A Family Affair

It was the head of patient care co-ordination, Cassie Crowther’s, idea that we should explore this topic in the blog. An email was circulated among the team and the list that emerged was pretty impressive. It would appear that – excluding the staff members – to date twenty-four relatives of London Vision Clinic employees have experienced the thrilling results of Laser Eye Surgery at the clinic.

Bhadra- with her father, brother, two cousins and an uncle having had the procedure – currently holds the London Vision Clinic “most relatives” record. Her dad Devji was the first, having his operation on the same day as Bhadra herself in September 2004.

I have previously written about Tim’s father, Jeffrey being one of the early London Vision Clinic patients (he was treated seven years ago) and since then, in addition to Tim himself, his mother and brother have also had their eye sight corrected at the clinic.

Assistant clinic manager, Anna’s, two sisters Jennica and Caroline are also London Vision Clinic patients; as are the auntie and mum of patient care co-ordinator Manmeet. The partner of fellow patient care co-ordinator, Katy, was treated last year as was Katy’s mum.

Optometrist Desiree Todd’s father, a chiropodist in Northern Ireland, now no longer needs glasses to treat his patients’ feet; and the clinic manager Emma made sure that her sister-in-law would also benefit from the procedure. Alphabetically, laser technician, Zach’s first name is penultimate on the relative list (Zuzana is in last place). Zach’s mom (he is Canadian) was treated in January last year.

However I mustn’t neglect to mention the families of London Vision Clinic surgeons Dr Dan and Mr. Glenn Carp. Glenn’s mother Shelly, together with Dan’s parents and his wife Ursula, has now ditched her reading glasses as all can now enjoy the thrill of blended vision. (Glenn explained to me that, following hugely successful cataract surgery, his father didn’t need the procedure.)

Soon we’ll look at two specific relative stories not yet mentioned – one from a youngster who had to wait (somewhat impatiently) several years before he would be a suitable candidate for Laser Eye Surgery; and Cassie’s brother who, despite gentle persuasion from his sister, put off the operation until something happened in his own family which spurred him to take action.