PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision Treated Ken’s Presbyopia

Ken, a patient, shares his experiences after a PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision treatment at the London Vision Clinic. In a video, Ken talks about his eye condition presbyopia (ageing eyes) and how he feels after his surgery. Glenn Carp, the surgeon who performed the surgery, explains the PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision profile, which is used exclusively here at the London Vision Clinic.

Ken: Part of the penalty for getting old is that you have difficulty reading. So, do you want to read, or do you want to be able to see a hawk at a kilometer away? But, what the London Vision Clinic was able to do quite cleverly, was to blend my eyes. It is difficult for me to explain the science of it, but what they enable your eyes to do, is be able to read quite close to and be able also to see far away. Now, that’s a fantastic asset to have because inevitably as you get older you know, you have the glasses hanging around your neck. But, to have this opportunity to have no glasses and no contact lenses and to be able to see far away and to be able to see close too, to read, well you know, that’s just an added bonus.

Glenn Carp: Now, what I’ve done at the moment if you look over my shoulder is you will notice that I have focused both eyes for distance.

Ken: Yes.

Glenn Carp: So, as a result the reading is a little bit difficult for you.

Ken: Yes.

Glenn Explains What Presbyopia Is

Glenn Carp: Once we get to the age of 45, what happens to everybody in the world unfortunately is, that our reading starts to drift out. It’s a condition called presbyopia and it’s not unique to an individual, it happens to everybody. So, you’ll see here that reading is much, much better now.

Ken: Yeah, yes, I can almost read the top line.

Glenn Carp: Okay, good, good, good and if I take this away still looking in the distance over there …

Ken: Yes.

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PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision Treatment – Exclusively At The London Vision Clinic

Glenn Carp: … things are still nice and sharp. What we like to offer our patients is as much freedom from glasses as possible and one of the profiles that was developed by Professor Reinstein, and is used exclusively here at the London Vision Clinic, is what we call a blended vision profile. What it allows patients is both distance and reading even after the age that one’s reading has tended to drift out. This is achieved by focusing the dominant eye for distance and non dominant eye for near, but we do it in such a way as to increase the zoom capability of the cornea, so that there isn’t such a big difference between the eyes.

Ken Speaks About Before/After His PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision Treatment

Ken: When I tried to read when I wore contact lenses or glasses, I found it really difficult, because at night when your eyes are tired, you want to take your lenses out and then you have to hold the book kind of up to your face. So, you put your glasses on and you know that doesn’t quite work either because your eyes then have to adjust to your glasses. So, you’re in this kind of you know, this triangle of difficulty, but since I’ve had my eyes corrected and blended as well, I found reading a lot, lot easier. So, at night in bed with the bedside lamp on, I can read a book and it’s a pleasure now to read a book instead of you know a bit of a struggle to focus on it.