Laser Eye Surgery Social Media Roundup – Feb-15

In our monthly social media roundups, we look at what Laser Eye Surgery topics have been trending, and some of the conversations that caught our eyes in February.

psOn 17th Feb, Phillip Schofield posted: “Well, Mrs S has had her eyes lasered by Prof Dan Reinstein at the LVC… She’s thrilled with the result, I’m concerned that she can now see me clearly first thing in the morning!”

Phillip Schofield also had his Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic.

On Feb 23rd, @FleurDeForce Tweeted ”Off for my first Laser Eye Surgery consultation at @LondonVision – nervous and excited in equal measure!”. By the end of the day she’d received loads of Tweets of encouragement, including:

@bexx1990 · Feb 23 “@FleurDeForce @LondonVision I had it done 2 years ago, best thing I ever did…”

@LittleJodz_89 · Feb 23 “@FleurDeForce @LondonVision Best thing i ever did. Totally changed my life. Money well spent. Hope it goes well…”

@JoannaT_x · Feb 23 “@FleurDeForce @LondonVision It was the best thing I ever did. 12 mins from entering the room to it being over. X”

@RobCarter83 · Feb 23 “@FleurDeForce @LondonVision you are in very safe hands. LVC have the best technology, surgical expertise and patient care in the world”

@spaaanko · Feb 23 “@FleurDeForce @LondonVision Best thing I have ever done in my life! Good luck!”

Here’s what some of our other current and former patients Tweeted about Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic in Feb:

@MKLudlow · Feb 9 “@LondonVision check up day today, one year on and still loving a glasses free life! Thanks @DrDanReinstein and team x”

Phillip Schofield @Schofe · Feb 9 “After years of trying to persuade her .. just got Mrs S back from @DrDanReinstein after having her Laser Eye Surgery!!”

@ianandmel32 · Feb 10 “@LondonVision @DrDanReinstein such an amazing surgeon had mine done about 8 years ago…”

@dapperdaschund · Feb 18 “@LondonVision I used the London Vision Clinic 5 years ago, I cannot recommend their service highly enough. They were brilliant.”

@markcolllins · Feb 21 “Since #lasik #blendedvision @LondonVision haven’t looked back absolutely miraculous tks @MrGlennCarp @DrDanReinstein”

@Pennyw61 · Feb 27 “9 months after Laser Eye Surgery, eye checks all on track @LondonVision . Life changing!”

Also in Feb, we dealt with some of the most frequently asked questions on Facebook & Twitter, including:

Where can I get advice about my Laser Eye Surgery options? What if I am frightened of Laser Eye Surgery? What are the long-term results of laser eye surgery? Questions to ask when choosing a Laser Eye Surgery clinic Are Laser Eye Surgery costs covered by insurance?

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