Laser Eye Surgery Social Media Roundup – Mar-15

In this month’s social media roundup, we look at the Laser Eye Surgery topics that have been trending, and some of the conversations that caught our eyes.

It’s always good to hear from previous patients and find out how they are getting on months & years after having Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic. Here are a few updates on we’ve had on Twitter recently:

Cocker Spaniel @English_Cocker · Mar 26 @FleurDeForce @LondonVision LVC are the best. Five years for me and I can see perfectly 🙂

Jai @maydinbritain · Mar 11 @LondonVision 7 months in & loving the freedom #BlendedVision #SpecsFree Good luck to my son. His turn today with @DrDanReinstein

Penny Wallington @Pennyw61 · Feb 27 9 months after Laser Eye Surgery, eye checks all on track @LondonVision . Life changing!

Fleur’s Treatment

In Feb, @FleurDeForce Tweeted about having her consultation at London Vision Clinic. Throughout March, she updated us on her progress:

Fleur @FleurDeForce · Mar 23 Just had my final appointment at @LondonVision before my Laser Eye Surgery on Thursday… Excited!

Fleur @FleurDeForce · Mar 26 Thanks to everyone who’s tweeted me about my eyes! It went really well-a bit sore but I can see & getting better every hour!

Fleur @FleurDeForce · Mar 26 11 hours after my laser surgery… My eyes are feeing much better! #nomakeupselfie london_vision_clinic

Fleur @FleurDeForce · Mar 27 Just got the all clear from @DrDanReinstein at my 1 day post Laser Eye Surgery check up! HELLO WORLD… I CAN SEE!

Laser Eye Surgery Questions

In March, we heard from Rowena, one of the Patient Care Coordinators at London Vision Clinic. Rowena explained how she is often one of the first people at the clinic who patients speak to when they start their Laser Eye Surgery journey, and told us what some of the most common questions she gets in her article “The most common questions I get asked about Laser Eye Surgery

We also tweeted “Which visual impairments can be treated with Laser Eye Surgery?” where we looked at conditions such as Myopia, Hyperopia, Presbyopia and Astigmatism – all of which we treat at London Vision Clinic.

Some Of Our Other Articles In March

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