London Vision Clinic Patients Give Thanks In Style

To most of us, our sight is the most precious and highly valued of all our senses so, once corrected and serving us perfectly, it is a great reason – if we needed one – to give thanks at Thanksgiving.

Almost four hundred London Vision Clinic patients, staff and guests celebrated Thanksgiving together on November 24th at the prestigious Il Bottaccio venue in London’s Mayfair.

As we chatted and mingled with fellow guests the conversation opener of choice had to be: “When did you have your eyes done…?”

As well as many happy former patients, I also met film maker Damien who is responsible for many of the excellent videos on the London Vision Clinic website.  He confessed, somewhat sheepishly, that he still wore contacts and hadn’t yet plucked up enough courage to have Laser Eye Surgery himself! Surgeon Glenn Carp attempted to persuade him to reconsider.

After attending several parties hosted by the London Vision Clinic over the years, it no longer seems as strange that we guests have all been brought together through a mutual medical procedure.

“Albeit”, as Dr Dan said in his short speech, “a special kind of procedure that changes the quality of our lives.”

Speaking on behalf of his team, Dr Dan went on to “give thanks” for his work and its ability to improve all our lives.

He told us that some patients say that they appreciate their perfect vision every waking moment while others reported that they had forgotten that they had ever needed glasses.

“It’s a Thanksgiving to all of you for trusting us to treat your most precious possession – your eyes”, he concluded before picking up his saxophone and treating us all to a haunting rendition of “Autumn Leaves.”