More Space Means Better Service For London Vision Clinic Patients

Front door at 138 Harley Street

However efficient we are – despite the skill of diary juggling and balancing of obligations – eventually it will happen to the best of us. I am referring to the annoyance and inconvenience of the dreaded last minute ‘Change of Plans’.

“Sorry, but something has come up”, we explain “I won’t be able to make it after all.”

Hopefully, (and certainly in the case of the London Vision Clinic patient care coordinators) the person at the end of the phone will understand and helpfully suggest a solution – a new appointment will be found.

When this scenario played out earlier this year, it could be that any windows in the diary were few and far between. A patient forced to cancel, for instance, their one month post op check up, might find themselves having to wait a further three weeks for a new appointment.

And spare a thought for the new London Vision Clinic patient – a person who, having reached his or her final ‘end-of-tether’ moment with the frustration of glasses or lenses – has made the decision to have Laser Eye Surgery. He has picked up the phone in this moment of enthusiastic clarity knowing that he wants it done if not now, at least, as soon as possible.

It would be extremely deflating and disappointing to be told that there was a two month waiting list for the first pre op appointment.

Something had to be done… the London Vision Clinic needed more space if it was to continue to serve its patients’ timekeeping needs to its usual high standard.

Happily, at the end of September, the additional space was acquired – in the form of part of the building next door, 140 Harley St.

Currently there are two fully equipped eye examination rooms available in the new premises with further facilities planned there for the future.

In the meantime, please note that access and reception facilities for all the London Vision Clinic departments are still to be found at number 138 Harley Street … so please ring the bell on the mauve door there.