There is No “Sell By Date” On After Care

I was thinking about Patsy and the vet’s behaviour when I met Dr Dan Reinstein’s wife, Ursula, at the clinic’s Thanksgiving party. I discovered that Ursula had trained and qualified in veterinary medicine and was also fascinated to learn that she had also  joined the ever-growing list of London Vision Clinic patients – a few months previously, Dr Dan had corrected his wife’s eye sight.

I wondered what it must have been like to be treated by someone so close to you; and as we were chatting and joined by other patients, I shared the story of “Patsy and the Vet”.

Of course, all of us patients immediately grasped its significance: you don’t have to be married to either Dr Dan or fellow surgeon Glenn Carp to be able to talk to them after your surgery.

When they return home, and in the hours following surgery, London Vision Clinic patients receive a text message making sure that they are well and managing the post-operative care procedures. The medium of “text” is deliberately chosen in case the patient is resting and wouldn’t want to be disturbed by a phone call. The message is “just in case” there are any questions ahead of the first check up appointment the following day.

In the days, weeks, months and even years following surgery and checkups, there are many easy ways of getting in touch with members of the London Vision Clinic team with any queries or concerns. There is no such thing as a “former” London Vision Clinic patient and there is no “sell by date” on after care.

How many surgeons and specialists, I wonder, give out their private mobile numbers to their patients?

I would imagine that this service offered by the London Vision Clinic is rarely taken up. However, as a patient myself, it is reassuring  to know that it is there if needed.

Many medical specialists –not just Patsy’s vet – could learn a lot from the London Vision Clinic about improving their service, opening up more lines of communication with their patients and generally making themselves more accessible.

Unfortunately, it is too late for Patsy –  but I will forward this link to the veterinary clinic in the hope that it might help some of their future furry patients.