Nothing ages you more than reading glasses

If you’ve ever had any anti-ageing treatments or tried something that claims to make you look younger, then you’re probably a little sceptical about anything new that hits the market and claims to be the answer to eternal youth.

Pretty much everything in this category comes at some cost. Whether it be it only lasts a few weeks or months, it has several risks or unfavourable side-effects, it costs the Earth to keep using, or it demands severe restraint or hours of dedication.

Even one of the latest age-busting tricks, face yoga, which apparently with only five to ten minutes a day will knock years off your face in just a few months, comes with the downside of making you temporarily look like you’ve just escaped from an insane asylum.

Such “anti-ageing” methods will only ever be partially effective because the “youth” they claim to provide is such an elusive and multi-dimensional thing that it could simply never be captured by any one miracle serum or magic pill or a set of terrifying facial exercises.

You may say you’ve got a better chance of finding this youth if you do them all: Botox, fillers, facelifts, eat well, sleep your eight hours, drink lots of water, take the right supplements, etc. And you’d be right, but only if they make you not just look but also feel younger.

That’s why the best anti-ageing methods are not going on restrictive diets or lengthy treatment plans but things like volunteering, and backpacking around the world. They make you feel great and forget how old you are and don’t come with any unwanted side effects (at least if you’re careful).

What’s best about such feel young methods is that you don’t have to wait until the next revolutionary new product comes out to benefit from them; they’re always within your grasp. And in this category, there’s nothing that can make you forget your age and feel quite as young as getting rid of those specs.

The best-kept secret for feeling younger

It’s said that every single person will need to wear reading glasses at some point in their life, it’s just a matter of getting old enough.

For this reason, there’s no clearer sign of someone’s age than if they’ve started to wear reading glasses. As they sit on your nose and come between you and a lot of what you see, reading glasses are also pretty difficult to ignore. It’s like stamping your age on your forehead, but as you have to look through glasses to see the world, you are reminded of it not just when you look in the mirror but all the freakin’ time.

The ageing effects of reading glasses also have another downside. They mean that any other efforts you’ve taken to cut back the years can be reversed in an instant; it’s the moment you reach for them to read a menu in a restaurant, or when you’re out with friends and have to get one of them to read out a text for you.

Typically, the need for reading glasses, otherwise known as presbyopia, sets in around your early to mid 40s. Up until pretty recently, when you started to experience the symptoms of presbyopia — worsening near vision, holding things further away to read, headaches, eye strain — there was no treatment option other than to head to the opticians and get a spectacle prescription.

And if wearing reading glasses didn’t make you feel old, having what is typically a young male sitting across from you and tell you that you’re ageing will be sure to do it.

Luckily, pretty much anyone with presbyopia today can avoid this unfortunate encounter and having to wear reading glasses altogether. What I’m talking about is PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, a quick and incredibly effective laser treatment that enables over 98 percent of people who have it to read normal newsprint and be free from glasses for many years, if not forever.

Despite its effectiveness and success, there are still many people who are unaware of PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision. This may be because most of us try and avoid having to think about presbyopia for as long as possible, or simply because reading glasses are such a commonly accepted solution that we just finally succumb to them like everyone else.

Either way, what is a mere ten-or-so minute procedure can avoid you years of trying to fight back the years to only have them thrown back in your face every time you reach for your glasses. And for that, PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision is one of the best-kept secrets for feeling younger that’s out there.