10 Things that Every Glasses Wearer Will Have Experienced

Glasses are cool, right? I mean, they help us to see and everything, but they certainly have their drawbacks – like the pimples around the rims, or their constant desire to go missing. Oh, and don’t even get me started on…

Okay, glasses wearers definitely have A LOT to deal with that frameless folks will never understand. Do your pet hates make our list of the most annoying things about wearing glasses?

1. Blind Showers

Having a shower should be a pretty straightforward and quick process, right? But, when you wear glasses, it always ends up taking way longer than it should. Many of us have to choose between wearing them – and seeing nothing because of the steam, or taking them off – and seeing only blurry outlines!

Cutting your legs while shaving happens more regularly; ever conditioned your hair before shampooing it? And whatever you do, do NOT drop the soap!

2. Stress-Free Naps

We’ve all done it, put our feet up for a few minutes only to wake up a few hours later in complete disarray. For some, this can actually be quite a treat, but if you have glasses, you have probably woken up with your glasses all askew with big red marks on your face. Perfect.

3. Cooking in a Fog

Why is it that Nigella always manages to make cooking look glamorous and effortless? Oh right, because she doesn’t wear glasses. Having fogged-up blinders in front of your face undoubtedly makes cooking your signature carbonara more difficult – not to mention more dangerous!

4. Sunglasses Envy

It’s easy to be jealous of all your friends who can try out any sunglasses they want at the shopping centre without having to worry about prescription lenses. For you though, you have to fork out obscene amounts on sunglasses that actually help you to see – which will probably end up being out of fashion in a few months. Well, it’s either that or get yourself a pair of flip-up dark lenses that leave you looking like you’re stuck in the 90s.

5. Making-up a Blurry Face

You’ve just finished doing your make-up and headed out to work – you might even think you’ve done a pretty good job. But then you put on your glasses and discover the results of your efforts… Well, that’s embarrassing.

6. Photos

Trying to take a photo with glasses on can feel like an unachievable task. You can’t get them into a position you’re happy with, or there’s a constant supply of glare bouncing off them. And God forbid anyone asks you to take them off – then it’s a case of either pretending you can see or cramming your rims against the viewfinder.

7. Phantom Glasses

Perhaps the most common occurrence is the mystery of the walking glasses. You put them down right there only five minutes ago; where could they have gone?! And then the awful truth dawns on you… they were on your face the whole time – or worse, you give up and go to bed, only to find them bent on your pillow the next morning. Oh, man!

8. Anything Involving Water

Glasses really do end up getting in the way of everything. You can’t simply go for a leisurely swim or a spontaneous dip in the sea – or even a quick dip in the pool! Nope, you need specialist eyewear for that.

9. Backup pairs

If this list teaches us one thing, it’s that we are in constant fear of losing or breaking our only pair of glasses. The only solution to this fear is to purchase a number of backup glasses – you know, just in case. Unfortunately, this can be yet another expense shouldered by the average glasses wearer.

10. Any Form of Exercise or Activity

It’s time for your evening exercise class but you’ve just realised you left your glasses at work – at least, you hope they’re there… It wouldn’t be so bad if it was yoga, but today is high-intensity boxercise. Quick, say a prayer for the person standing next to you.

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