Reading glasses are never cool

In the early 90’s, Doc Martins and flannel shirts hit the mainstream fashion scene. Soon after, babydoll dresses appeared in the wardrobes of most young girls. Fast forward twenty years later, and, as the notion goes, they all came back into style.

There’s a lot of debate about how long this cycle of nostalgia runs, but twenty years is a good rule of thumb. Some people say it’s more like forty years. Others say everything is simultaneously in and out of style all the time. But whatever the didactic beliefs of the particular fashion mogul, one thing always remains the same:

Reading glasses were, and will never be, cool.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking otherwise. Glasses are an incredibly popular fashion accessory. And styles like the practically designed round lenses, the Aviator rims originally made to ‘ban rays’ from the eyes of US Air Force pilots, and the browline glasses of the 50s, all recently came back into vogue.

Styles of glasses are just like any other fashion trend — Doc Martins, denim, shoulder pads. They only make a comeback at certain periods of time and are then only pulled off by certain generations. Luckily, with so many shapes and styles to chose from, there’s almost always a pair that will work for you.

But here’s the thing: reading glasses are not your typical pair of specs. For one, they’re only ever worn by those over forty. I mean, if there was ever a symbol of the over the hill club, it would surely be reading glasses. So it’s just as unlikely they’ll come into fashion as the kids of today will start sporting monocles and lanyards on Saturday nights.

And why would they? Reading glasses don’t only make you look uncool (sorry mum), but they’re painfully inconvenient. They scratch and break, steam up when cooking, are impossible to find when you need them, hurt your ears and leave marks on your nose, ruin photos, get in the way of having any fun or doing anything remotely active, the list goes on…

I’m not saying reading glasses won’t make you look intelligent or distinguished or even attractive (albeit in the sense of an old-school librarian) that they will. But cool, young, or fashionable, sorry, not going to happen.

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