The Importance of Safety Testing in Laser Eye Surgery

Safety checks are required when performing any surgery. A basic standard of safety checks should be conducted no matter the provider you choose. But at our Harley Street clinic, our award-winning staff are dedicated to going above and beyond to provide the highest standard of care.

Safety checks are not only carried out by our optometrists, nursing team, and laser technicians but also by the surgeon performing your procedure. We refuse to rely on the judgement of any single person to minimise any risk of human or technical error.

This is part of our commitment to operating well within the necessary safety parameters – and we never compromise on this principle. In fact, you might say we have an almost obsessive ritual of double- and triple-checking every single decision we make.

Finally, we test the laser before every procedure by conducting a test run on calibration foil. This allows your surgeon to test how the laser will respond during your treatment and ensure that everything goes smoothly. In the video below, our expert Laser Eye Surgeon, Mr. Glenn Carp explains the importance of safety tests in Laser Eye Surgery.

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Equipment safety checks don’t begin and end with the laser, either. Our nursing staff also checks every instrument to be used in the Laser Eye Surgery procedure. These will then be double-checked by the surgeon before your treatment begins.

Extensive Suitability Testing for Improved Safety

Our safety checks are part of our wider dedication to providing the very best treatment for every patient. This also involves our extensive screening process that allows us to determine your suitability for treatment down to the smallest detail. Our attention to detail means that it is not unusual for initial consultations to last between 2 and 3 hours – one of the longest in UK clinics.

This appointment, which involves a wide range of tests and examinations enables us to determine your prescription as well as the health of your eyes. While the extent of your prescription plays a huge role in determining your suitability, we also consider the overall health of the eye – including whether there are any underlying conditions – before deciding whether Laser Eye Surgery is a safe option for you.

At London Vision Clinic, we put safety above all else. We will always recommend the safest and most viable route forward with your treatment – even if this means we can’t perform the treatment at all. Luckily, with this comprehensive approach and our unrivalled access to the best expertise and technology, we are able to treat up to 97% of the patients we see.

Does increased safety testing come with a higher price tag?

Every day in our consumer-driven lives, we face the question of price over quality. Should you opt for the cheapest pair of jeans you find online, or should you splash out on a superior product? Sure, the cheaper option will give you an immediate saving, but you know the more expensive option will likely look better and last much longer.

But when it comes to more significant choices, such as the cars we drive, the houses we live in, and purchases relating to our safety and well-being, paying a little extra is usually a no-brainer. Yet, this logic doesn’t always seem to transfer when deciding to have Laser Eye Surgery.

At London Vision Clinic, we go above and beyond to provide the highest safety standards. But the extra testing and steps involved in this process inevitably mean a higher price tag than you might find in a high-street Laser Eye Surgery provider.

The question is: are you willing to pay a higher price to ensure the highest safety standards? 

If you would like to learn more about our safety procedures at London Vision Clinic, get in touch with one of our friendly clinic coordinators. Alternatively, to find out if Laser Eye Surgery could be an option for you, Book a Consultation today.