Spot The Differences And A Spot Of Trivia

Mary in reception patient feedback device
Mary in reception with the patient feedback device

Here’s a new game that returning London Vision Clinic patients might like to play: it’s called “Spot the Difference”.

Changes have been made in the reception area at 138 Harley Street and it should be pointed out that these are part of an ongoing project to improve the overall appointment and waiting experience for patients. We all know that the London Vision Clinic’s philosophy is never to rest on its laurels*; but to constantly strive to provide an even better service.

Those who would like to play – while still enjoying a cuppa, cool drink and a tasty snack –might look up from their magazine to note that they are not only sitting on new sofas and chairs but also the receptionists’ desk is different. That’s not all…  there is a new glass jar for all those pairs of redundant glasses and something else… what are these tablet-like gadgets that look a bit like an iPad?

In addition to the usual methods of assessing feedback – the patient forum, testimonials and questionnaires – the London Vision Clinic now has two of these handy gadgets both offering the following multiple choice questions:

  • How would you rate the complexity/simplicity of your patient journey? (Very simple/Simple/Neutral /Complex/Very complex)
  • How would you rate the value you have received for your money?
  • How would you rate the quality of the clinic care you have received to date?
  • How would you rate the quality of the team you have interacted with so far? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor/Very Poor)
  • How likely are you to refer a colleague or friend to the London Vision Clinic? (Very likely/Likely/Neutral/Unlikely/Not likely at all)

It is a simple and anonymous way that London Vision Clinic patients can (only if they want to) provide feedback which is regularly assessed.

*The origin of this saying goes back to ancient Rome where athletic excellence was acknowledged by a wreath of laurels – so, to “rest on one’s laurels” literally means to live off one’s reputation or refrain from further effort because of satisfaction with what has already been achieved.

Perhaps this would also be a good time to wish the London Vision Clinic a happy 8th birthday … yes, it all began on August 17th 2002.