Miss Cheryl MacGregor


Graduated Southhampton 2006, and winner of the Petten Prize in Chemistry for highest acheivement upon completion of the European Baccalaureate….

Education & Qualifications

Educated in The Netherlands and completing her degrees at Southampton and Belfast, Cheryl has presented at over 100 International, national, regional and departmental events on a wide range of subjects from Keratoconus to Glaucoma.

She has also contributed to dozens of medical publications including a chapter in a published book.


Cheryl was a Fellow at both Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, East Sussex North Essex Hospitals, and Royal Victoria Hospital, Newcastle. Prior to this she worked at Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth, St Mary’s Hospital, Isle of Wight, Salisbury District Hospital, and Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospitals.

She was also a doctor at Royal Bournemouth, Southampton General, and Queen Alexandra Hospital.

In her spare time she runs, and takes part in ballet, yoga, and pilates.

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