What If My Optometrist Finds A Problem I Didn’t Know About?

People avoid doctors for many reasons. Some find appointments difficult to pack into a busy schedule, some are unwilling to open up to a doctor, or worried about perceived ‘time wasting’, and many even fear that being amongst sick people in the doctor’s waiting room will result in contamination! However, something that is perhaps discussed less often is the common fear that a doctor may find a problem that is bigger than what the appointment was initially booked for. This fear is, for many people, a reason to avoid regular visits to the GP, dentist, or optometrist….

Cost Involved With Laser Eye Surgery At London Vision Clinic

The Cost of Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic Despite the vast benefits of having Laser Eye Surgery (getting rid of irritating glasses and fiddly contact lenses, to say the least), the cost of treatment understandably remains a significant barrier for many people. Let’s face it: Laser Eye Surgery isn’t cheap. With such a wide variation in prices for seemingly the same treatment in the UK alone, deciding whether to have Laser Eye Surgery – never mind which clinic…

How long after the consultation can I have treatment

How long after the consultation can I have treatment? Your Laser Eye Surgery journey will vary slightly from that of others, but there are five fundamental steps in the process that everyone will go through. These five steps are: Initial contact with the clinic, the consultation and assessment, the treatment itself, the aftercare regime, and the post-treatment period of enjoying greater vision. In the first step of initiating contact with a clinic, you’ll have a brief conversation about the surgery…

Is Laser Eye Surgery Risky?

“Laser”, “eye” and “surgery” are three words that may, understandably, arouse anxiety. Unlike in the USA, where the procedure is often referred to simply as “LASIK”, one of the first obstacles for someone considering the treatment in this country may well be just getting over their pre-conceptions (which, we have found, are most often mis-conceptions) about what risks laser eye surgery involves….

Jam-Jar Glasses For A Lifetime?

People with high prescriptions and complicated vision problems – especially those who have worn their glasses for a very long time – may well remember “jam-jar” or “coke-bottle” glasses as an object of embarrassment from their schooldays. Practical, yes – but fashionable? …

Laser Eye Surgery – Live Without Regrets

Our patients often tell us how, when considering having laser eye surgery, they had many fears about the procedure, thinking it risky and worrying that it would be painful. However, people frequently report that their initial consultation began to put them at ease, as our highly specialised staff answered all of their questions precisely, knowledgeably, and openly….