Relaxing Before Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably considering Laser Eye Surgery. You may even have booked your initial consultation or be awaiting surgery day. But no matter what stage you’re at in the journey, you are likely experiencing some nerves. Don’t worry – this is completely normal; after all, you are finally going ahead with a treatment that could drastically improve your life!

The good news is our highly-trained and experienced clinic staff will be on hand at every step of the journey to help you feel more at ease as you prepare for your treatment. I mean, it would be nice to be able to enjoy the build-up, rather than spend it feeling nervous! That’s why we aim to help you champion these core principles in the weeks ahead of your procedure:

Take some time for yourself

It might sound obvious, but taking some time for yourself in the days before your surgery can help you unwind before treatment day. While some people may find that keeping themselves busy helps to distract from pre-surgery nerves, others may find it more helpful to take the time to reflect on their journey and upcoming treatment.

Why not book some annual leave from work? After all, you won’t need to take much time off after your treatment! Maybe you could consider taking a couple of days off to do some of the things you enjoy. Booking a massage or a spa day could be the perfect thing to keep your mind off your nerves and even help you look forward to your treatment!

No matter how you like to relax, there is one thing we can’t recommend enough: Staying away from sensationalist stories on the internet. Avoid tabloid rubbish and look for any information you might need from a reputable source (like our blog!). If something is bothering you during the countdown to surgery day, our friendly clinic staff are always on hand to help.

Be Prepared

It can be easy to focus entirely on the build-up to your surgery and give little thought to what comes next. Of course, you are likely thinking about the results of your treatment, but what about other considerations for when your procedure is complete?

We advise all our patients to make all necessary preparations for their recovery before their treatment day. In many instances, we can even help you with this, from assisting with travel arrangements after your surgery to recommending hotels, should you have travelled for treatment.

We also recommend that you enjoy a good meal a couple of hours before your surgery to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the day. A high-sugar snack can even help if you’re feeling anxious or ‘jittery’ before your treatment – hence why we offer complimentary chocolates in the clinic!

Dress comfortably

One simple thing that can help you relax on the day of your surgery is making sure you’re wearing something comfortable. We recommend wearing something that you would be comfortable travelling in (think airport outfit!). However, you must avoid wearing items made of wool or other materials that may generate lint.

Finally, do not wear make-up or perfumes/colognes on the day of your surgery. This will help to minimise the risk of infection and ensure the technology functions as it should during your treatment.

Arrange your journey home

There are several things you can do to ensure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible. One of the first things you will want to consider is how you are going to get home (or to your hotel) after your surgery. You won’t be able to drive and we generally advise against taking public transport immediately after your treatment.

If you can, we recommend asking a family member or friend to take you home after surgery; many patients find that having a friend at the clinic with them can also help ease pre-surgery nerves. However, you will be perfectly fine to attend your surgery appointment by yourself – our expert surgeons and clinic staff will go above and beyond to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Consider your return to work

As we mentioned earlier, the vast majority of patients won’t need to take a long time away from work after their Laser Eye Surgery treatment. In fact, most LASIK and ReLEx SMILE patients will be signed off to return to work after just 24 hours. However, patients who have PRK/LASEK may have to take longer away from work.

Making sure you have plans in place for work during your recovery period will take off a lot of pressure, allowing you to adjust to your new and improved vision without unnecessary anxieties!

Remember, you’re in good hands

If all else fails when you’re trying to relax before Laser Eye Surgery, just remember – you’re in good hands. The very best, in fact! Our expert surgeons perform the highest standard of Laser Eye Surgery daily. They are well-versed in providing comfort as well as the very best treatment to help you relax on the day of your surgery. You’ll even receive a relaxing head massage before your treatment!

No matter how anxious you might feel about the treatment, thousands of anxious people before you have had successful Laser Eye Surgery. All you need to do now is await your new, clear vision – it will only take a few minutes!

If you’re feeling nervous about your upcoming surgery, our friendly clinic coordinators are always on hand to help. If you’re still considering Laser Eye Surgery, Book a Consultation today to find out if it’s a good option for you.