How To Relax Before Laser Eye Surgery At London Vision Clinic

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering laser eye surgery – you may even have already booked your treatment. Either way, we don’t need to tell you that it can be a nerve-racking prospect, even for the most calm and collected individual! The run up to any surgery can seem daunting, and you may feel far from relaxed about your pending laser eye surgery. Of course, you needn’t be concerned – but anxiety over the operation is completely understandable.

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Even so, we hope you’ll manage to feel relaxed, come the big day. After all, laser eye surgery can be life-changing: it would be nice to be able enjoy the build-up, rather than spend it feeling nervous! That’s why we’ve come up with these core principles to follow, in the weeks ahead of your procedure:

Take it Easy

It sounds obvious, but taking time to relax before surgery will inevitably calm you down. Why not book some annual leave, and do something that you enjoy in the few days leading up to your treatment? That way, you’ll certainly look forward to it! A massage or even a spa-break could be the perfect way to keep your mind off your nerves.

During this time, however tempting it might be, try to avoid researching sensationalist stories on the internet. If something’s bothering you, speak to an expert at the Clinic, or re-read the informative literature that you should have been given prior to your surgery.

Although it can take as little as 24 hours to recover from laser eye surgery, you might also plan to take time off work post-operation. The vast majority of our patients are ready to go back to work the day after the treatment, but some like to take a couple of days off in order to have some space to recuperate, without worrying about getting back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. (Any excuse for a holiday, eh!)

Get Ready

There are several things you can do to make sure your post-surgery recovery is a comfortable one. You won’t be able to drive immediately after your treatment, so get everything ready in advance, for your trip home. If you can, ask a relative or friend to wait for you and take you home, as the surgery won’t take long. At London Vision Clinic, you’ll be fine to attend your surgery appointment by yourself, in the hands of our expert staff, but it’s sometimes nice to have a friend with you to ease those last minute nerves.

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In terms of cosiness during surgery, you should aim to wear comfortable clothes to your appointment, and choose a hairstyle that’s easy to lie down in (think airport outfit!) Remember not to wear any make-up or perfume, or anything made of wool. You should also have something to eat, a couple of hours before your surgery. If you’re feeling anxious or ‘jittery’, a sugary snack can help. You read that correctly… this is the perfect excuse to munch on those leftover Easter Eggs!

Remember, You’re In Good Hands

Our surgeons are experts, and they carry out laser eye surgery on a daily basis. Remember that no matter how anxious you might feel about the treatment, thousands of anxious people before you have had successful laser eye surgery, and you’re in extremely good hands.

For 2017, we have updated this article to ‘Quick guide: Laser Eye Surgery and anxiety’