Roy Moëd, Founder Of LifeBook UK, Tells His Laser Eye Surgery Story

Written By Roy Moëd

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Having good vision is so essential for our jobs and our personal lives – but something we often take for granted. After I studied to become a private pilot, having good eyesight became an undisputed priority, but I continued to ‘make do’ with spectacles when flying and didn’t give it much further thought.

It was only when I was attending a charity auction for a children’s charity that I found myself bidding for something that could make my life a whole lot easier: Laser Eye Surgery with London Vision Clinic.

Strangely enough, Laser Eye Surgery was never a treatment I had seriously considered, but being swept up in the auction, it was definitely a lot that caught my eye! Despite being outbid, the very generous Professor Dan Reinstein from London Vision Clinic (who offered the surgery) gave me a second chance, saying that if I donated my underbid to the charity, he would donate a second surgery to me. How could I resist?[/column]

After undergoing the surgery, it was like the light had been switched on again. The fuzzy, foggy world which I had accepted for such a long time suddenly became vibrant, and in high definition. Sure, it was no easy feat throwing away my spectacles of 45 years (which had become as much a part of me as my right arm) but it felt liberating that an item that I’d been so dependent on was no longer needed.

Not only in my pursuits as a pilot was this a life-changing experience: as a keen polo player, I also became a better sportsman. I was no longer looking down for the ball through misty varifocals, and instead could wear the proper protective eyewear – great for the game, and I now feel a lot more like a pro!

My life was changed for the better by Professor Dan Reinstein – and, later, I was able to help him with a special gift for his family, when he found out about my business – LifeBook UK.

I set up LifeBook UK when I was looking for a project for my elderly father in his retirement, as I wanted to give him something that made him look forward to tomorrow, while capturing his precious life stories for our family and future generations. Creating folders with the chapters of his life, I asked a friend to sit with my father and interview him on a weekly basis about his life stories.

Nothing gave me more pleasure than learning how he’d been boasting about his first girlfriend, or his naughty escapades as a child. Through this engaging process, his outlook on life completely changed – now looking forward to the week ahead rather than dreading it. The stories we captured were written up by a professional ghostwriter into a beautiful book, one that my family could treasure forever, and LifeBook UK was born.

Upon hearing my story, Professor Reinstein wanted to give his own father this once in a lifetime opportunity, so became a LifeBook client himself.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Professor Reinstein and, after being able to treat myself to a life-changing experience thanks to his kind donation to the charity auction, I’m so pleased to help him give his father (who, like me, is a happy Laser Eye Surgery patient!) a truly special gift.

If you’re also interested in the deeply personal experience of creating a LifeBook for a member of your family, please visit LifeBook UK’s official website,, or call 020 3291 1169. We’re continuing to support charity, and we’ll donate £250 to the Great Ormond Street Charity for every purchased LifeBook – just use the code Vision250 when making an enquiry.

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