Laser Eye Surgery Fears Explained

There are several reasons why patients refrain from undergoing Laser Eye Surgery, many of which are either myths or can be dispelled if the right surgeon and clinic is chosen. Regardless, these fears still exist and I would like to address some of the major ones.

Main Fear Of Laser Eye Surgery

As you are probably aware, if you have started looking into the Laser Eye Surgery procedure, you will not be unconscious during the surgery. When people hear the word surgery, they tend to associate it with pain and discomfort. However, Laser Eye Surgery doesn’t use any needles and is virtually pain free. In fact, London Vision Clinic use state of the art technology in order to provide their patients with the maximum comfort and best results.

“Very professional treatment with no pain whatsoever!” William Gill, surgery in Dec 2012

4435328580_f113e49323 copyIf pain isn’t the issue, some people are concerned that surgery could they actually worsen their vision. This is the root of the most common fears. People worry that results could be detrimental rather than beneficial. There is a common misconception that if the patient moves their eye during the procedure, it could result in damage to the eye. This is actually entirely false. The technology used involves a motion tracking system. If the patient should at any point in the procedure accidentally move their eye, the laser shuts off automatically. And yes, the disconnection is instant so that there is no risk of damage to your vision.

Common Complications In Laser Eye Surgery

The most common cause of complications is, in fact, infection. However, infections are extremely rare as antibiotic eye drops are provided before and after the procedure to prevent any potential issues. At London Vision Clinic, surgeons are available to you 24-7 post-procedure in case you experience any discomfort or have any concerns at all. You will also have regular follow up appointments to ensure that your eyes are healing nicely.

At London Vision Clinic, the numbers speak for themselves. Given that 99% of the patients they treat can read normal newsprint post-surgery and 96% have reported 20/20 vision and many even obtain better vision show that they really are the best in their field.

If you still have concerns, you are welcome to come in for a free consultation to get all your questions answered. Our staff and medical professionals understand that this is a big choice and are understanding, compassionate, and both willing and qualified to answer any concerns that you may have.

For 2017, we have updated this article to ‘Quick guide: Laser Eye Surgery and anxiety’