Laser Eye Surgery – Live Without Regrets

Our patients often tell us how, when considering having laser eye surgery, they had many fears about the procedure, thinking it risky and worrying that it would be painful. However, people frequently report that their initial consultation began to put them at ease, as our highly specialised staff answered all of their questions precisely, knowledgeably, and openly….

Post-Operative Care

Post-Operative Care: Over the last six months we have conducted a survey of people calling London Vision Clinic. It turns out that post-operative care is one of the six most important factors that people consider when selecting a clinic! And why shouldn’t it be? No one wants to feel like they are just being rushed down a conveyor belt in order to make space for the next patient in need of attention! Our relationship does not end after your surgery….

Robots Can’t Wear Reading Glasses

Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels as C-3PO, the endearing robot and loyal friend of Luke Skywalker, found himself in the impossible position of not being able to see his script while wearing a costume that made it impossible to use reading glasses ….

Optometrist Emma Climbs Mount Ararat

It is five years since optometrist Emma Brandon had her extreme short sightedness corrected and her husband is also a London Vision Clinic patient.
“On the mountain, we both said to each other that we couldn’t imagine what the experience would have been like with glasses or contacts – the views on the way up were absolutely stunning – we couldn’t imagine not being able to enjoy them properly.”…

Laser Eye Surgery – The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

Ofra had suffered with sight problems almost all her life getting her first pair of glasses at the age of just two and a half. Ten years ago she began using contact lenses and reading glasses; but recently – due to suffering from very dry eyes – she had been struggling with the lenses. For Ofra, a keen and accomplished Iyenger yoga teacher, this was an added inconvenience…

Laser Eye Surgery Is Magical

Many London Vision Clinic patients have referred to their treatments as “miraculous” and the surgeons who performed their laser eye surgery as “miracle workers”; but few might realise that – although he cannot actually perform miracles – Dr Dan is an accomplished amateur magician……