The Biased Blogger

Let me introduce myself as an award-winning broadcaster, journalist, writer and former patient who is now – proudly – the LVC’s fly on the wall blogger.

‘Aa-haa’, I hear the cynics among you mutter. ‘She’ll be employed by the LVC. Her views on Laser Eye Surgery are hardly likely to be impartial’.

Yes, you’re probably right. Obviously I only have a lay person’s knowledge of things ophthalmological but – after more than twenty years of journalistic experience – I can ask the right questions and after receiving the LVC answers I am happy and proud to be associated with the professionals who make up the London Vision Clinic.

It was in the early days of 2007 when I first read about Prof Dan Reinstein and the work he and his team were doing at the LVC and soon afterwards I learned – through interviewing him for Radio Europe Mediterraneo in Spain – that presbyopia (or as it is unflatteringly known “aging eyes”) could be corrected. After yet another year of getting reading glasses tangled up in headphones and permanently having a pair stuck on either my head, in my cleavage or on my nose, I knew then and there that this was what I wanted. You can read about my Laser Eye Surgery experiences in an article I wrote for Cache Plus magazine at the time …………

Since then I certainly don´t take my perfect vision for granted. It is a constant source of joy; and yes, I do want to tell everyone about it. I am also horrified by the number of friends who proclaim they are happy with their laser surgery but who still need glasses for certain chores. There is one in particular who regularly takes a two hour forty minute flight to London to have her hair cut and coloured; but decided to visit the optician’s down the road to have her eyes lasered! I know that these stories make Dr. Dan look skyward in exasperation. Me … I guess it just makes me biased in favour of the London Vision Clinic where Laser Eye Surgery is concerned.

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