The Three Phases Of Truth

Dr Dan speaking to guests at the summer BBQ

According to the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (and Professor Dan Reinstein founder of the London Vision Clinic) truth passes through three phases:

-First it is ridiculed.

-Second it is fiercely and violently opposed.

-Third it becomes self-evident.

Dr Dan was in a somewhat philosophical frame of mind when he spontaneously climbed on to a chair to speak to the London Vision Clinic guests at the summer barbeque.

He brought us up to speed with the progress of the London Vision Clinic Foundation in Nepal which promises to invent “Humanitarian Laser Eye Surgery” helping ‘those who are too poor to see, can’t see to work, and can’t see to survive’.

This work is in partnership with the Tilganga Eye Institute in Kathmandu which is already inundated with patients who live in abject poverty. Glasses would only offer a temporary solution and the soon to be launched London Vision Clinic Foundation expects instead to offer the best Laser Eye Surgery care with the latest equipment from doctors trained at the London Vision Clinic. Dr Kishore Raj Pradhan and a technician from the Nepalese eye hospital are currently studying at the London Vision Clinic so that they can transfer their newfound specialist skills to their home country.

This is all unchartered territory and whether or not its progress will follow the pattern laid out by the 19th century philosopher and quoted by Dr Dan at the summer barbeque remains to be seen.

It was however a different doctor -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr- who pointed out that change doesn’t take place magically… “Duration is not enough: the mere passage of time does not create change. It requires ordinary people envisioning, acting and constructing the future”.