Tim Archer: Laser Eye Surgery Research Manager

Research Manager Tim Archer

Very few Laser Eye Surgery clinics have staff devoted to laser eye surgery and analysis. But for us, research is vital in ensuring our patients get the very best treatment possible.

Our Research Manager and Programmer, Dr Tim Archer, joined the London Vision Clinic in 2003 to research, analyse, and publish the Clinic’s pioneering work in refractive surgery.

Most clinics only review a proportion of their surgical outcomes, but Tim works with our surgeons and Research Optometrist Dr Ryan Vida to analyse the results of every single treatment, teasing out opportunities to perfect our approach even further.

Tim is also the computer programmer for clinic patient data analysis and IT systems. Working closely with our surgical team, he helps build up individually tailored treatment programmes based on the detailed profile of every patient.

An Ideally Qualified Refractive Surgery Research Manager

Tim is ideally qualified for his role in refractive research. He is a graduate both of Oxford, where he gained his BA in Mathematics, and Cambridge, where he completed an MA in Computer Science. He is also a patient himself, having had his own Laser Eye Surgery with Professor Reinstein in December 2004.

“I was back at my desk working 45 minutes after my Laser Eye Surgery, and attended a Christmas party that evening. I’m now seeing 20/12.5.” Not only that, but Tim’s parents and brother have also had Laser Eye Surgery at the London Vision Clinic. It’s difficult to imagine a clearer sign of faith in a surgeon than recommending him to your closest loved ones.

Born and bred in the Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire area, when he is not knee-deep in research, Tim enjoys golf, tennis and football, and ‘playing around with formulas and macros in Excel’.

Meet Tim’s colleague in the Research department, Research Optometrist, Dr Ryan Vida.