Tired Of Wearing Glasses?

Eyeglasses were invented hundreds of years ago for a simple purpose: to correct vision. The invention and later innovations of glasses presented a solution to those living with such impairments as short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and astigmatism. Yet, since their invention in the 13th century, glasses technology has changed very little.

The result? Glasses don’t come without their problems.

Broken frames and lenses, lost pairs, visits to the optometrist, and waking up to a blurry alarm clock; these annoyances will all be familiar to the regular glasses wearer. Fortunately, vision correction technology is now at a stage where it can rid close to every patient of the need to wear glasses.

At London Vision Clinic, our surgeons and consultants understand that everyone’s eyes are different. Therefore, the only way to know for sure whether Laser Eye Surgery could work for you is to Book a Consultation with us.

We are known for our very rigorous consultation process – and we are very proud of this. Our screening process often takes two, or even three, times longer than the industry average. That’s because, here at London Vision Clinic, we carry out comprehensive testing to determine the best procedure for every patient.

When it comes to your vision, we don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We focus on you as an individual in pursuit of finding the safest, and most effective way to correct your vision and free you from spectacles for good.

Your consultation will include a variety of in-depth tests to assess your current prescription, as well as the general structure and health of your eyes. This also allows us to uncover any underlying eye conditions that could affect your suitability for treatment. Read more about our screening process here.

At London Vision Clinic, we treat a wide variety of ocular conditions. You can find out more about how our expert surgeons treat your particular condition at the links below:

Thanks to the latest innovations in Laser Eye Surgery, London Vision Clinic can now treat more patients than ever before – including those with very high prescriptions. The availability of ReLEx SMILE – for which our very own Prof. Reinstein holds a joint patent with Carl Zeiss – allows for more accurate and safer treatments with the help of a minimally invasive keyhole procedure.

Read more about our ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery treatment here.

To find out if Laser Eye Surgery is for you, book a consultation with our friendly team at London Vision Clinic – free of charge and with no obligations.