Travel-Loving Emily Says, “Thanks To Laser Eye Surgery, No More Migraines!”

When Emily joined the London Vision Clinic’s team of nurses in May 2011, almost everything was perfect for the 25-year-old Australian. She was fulfilling a lifetime dream of a career in her chosen profession combined with the opportunity to pursue her other passion of travel. However, at the end of a busy day she was prone to headaches and had no enthusiasm to go out and exploring London with her friends.

Migraines Working Against You At Work

Emily’s headaches and unpleasant migraines intensified during the course of her working day and happened most frequently after Emily’s shift involved computer work in one of the testing rooms.

“Towards the end of the day I was suffering from fatigue and had a constant dull headache. The computer monitor appeared blurry and even switching the lights on and off was an unpleasant sensation”, she recalls.

Everyone working at the London Vision Clinic has an initial series of eye tests, not only to check their eyes, but also so that they understand the process for patients. So when the staff nurse shared her symptoms, her colleagues urged her to undergo the screening process herself.

“My whole family wear glasses”, said Emily, “so obviously, I had had my eyes tested in Australia; but I didn’t know that I had a problem until I started working here!”

Opting For Laser Eye Surgery

“It is amazing – I have no headaches or light sensitivity any more. In terms of my vision, I noticed immediately that where I was struggling to read details especially at the end of a day, I can now see perfectly … well technically better than perfectly!”

Although advised in her home country that it would be several years before she needed glasses, the London Vision Clinic’s advanced screening process revealed that despite a very low prescription, Emily had an astigmatism in one eye resulting in an irregularly shaped cornea which was also the cause of her fatigue and headaches.  The good news was that the screening confirmed she was a suitable candidate for Laser Eye Surgery.

Emily was busy at work on the day of her surgery in November last year, and so had little time to be nervous. Glenn Carp carried out the operation which has resulted in better than 20/20 vision and most importantly, the migraines have disappeared too.

It is expected that Emily’s surgery should also eliminate the predicted need for glasses in a few years leaving her free to enjoy her travelling experiences fully.

Working At The London Vision Clinic

Brought up in Brisbane, Queensland, Emily cannot remember a time when she didn’t want to be a nurse and at school she particularly enjoyed science subjects and developed a fascination for the human body and how it functions.  She also held a keen ambition to see as much of the world as possible.

At the age of 19, Emily put her education on hold for 6 months to explore the social scene in Whistler, a ski resort in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, later returning to Brisbane to complete her nursing qualifications and a further degree in public health. Her final year was spent working with respiratory patients at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

In early 2011, Emily arrived in the UK where, after registering her qualifications with an agency, she began working in several London hospitals before being recommended for a position on the nursing team at the London Vision Clinic.

“Eye health, was a totally new area for me and I have loved learning about the different aspects of Laser Eye Surgery. I can honestly say that I have never worked with such a knowledgeable and inspiring team than here at the London Vision Clinic”, she added.

“My favourite part of the job is being with the patients. Most are excited prior to their surgery; but, of course, some are nervous and need extra special care and support. It helps that I can share with them that I know how they feel having also gone through the procedure.”

Tales Of The Travelling Nurse

When not working, Emily likes to make the most of being in London with all its Europe-wide travel connections. “For us Australians, the idea of being able to pop over to Paris for the weekend is a really big deal.”

With city breaks, long weekends and holidays, Emily managed to fit an astonishing 20 trips in 2011. These included visits to Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland (which included a harrowing and unforgettable tour of Auschwitz), Munich, the Greek Islands, Istanbul and Copenhagen.

With an average of 2 trips a month for this year, so far she has visited Amsterdam, Morocco, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Berlin, Ireland, Portugal, Croatia and Istanbul.

Like many keen travellers, Emily keeps a list of places she wants to see and those she would like to return to. Top of the current list is Israel as, along with soaking up the culture and atmosphere of foreign lands, she is becoming increasingly interested in their history too. The only problem that she faces now is that despite all the air miles she has accumulated; her wish list never gets any shorter.

“There are also the places I would like to return too to explore more fully. Every time I cross something off my list, I seem to add something else on!” she said.