Tweeting The Message

So without a cheesy, commercial advertising campaign how can the London Vision Clinic spread the timeless Tina Turner message that they are “Simply the Best”?

Of course reputation and recommendations are very important and many new patients find their way to 138 Harley Street because friends and relations have pointed them in that direction after being thrilled with the results of their own surgery.

The London Vision Clinic has recently embraced the social networking phenomenon with Dr Dan tweeting his insightful answers to a varied and entertaining bag of eye sight questions on his twitter site – And most recently, the clinic itself is starting to tweet from it’s official twitter profile.

London Vision TV has also been launched. Here you can follow the stories of London Vision Clinic patients and access other behind the scenes features. We’re also on Facebook where you can get further insights into our articles and staff profiles.

And of course there is also this webpage and the London Vision Clinic blog which is now joined by its sister newsletter. The newsletter will be published quarterly and emailed on request. If you would like a copy please subscribe.

Putting together the first issue allowed me to focus on the many amazing achievements of the London Vision Clinic since its inception.  As editor, my biggest challenge was deciding which patients’ stories to include in the first issue – I was in the happy position of being spoilt for choice.

Each of the photographs featured in the London Vision Clinic literature, the videos included in patient information packs as well as the stories relayed here in the blog and elsewhere at are all 100% genuine.

P.S. No models (unless coincidentally that happened to be their chosen profession at the time they became patients) have been used in any aspect of telling the London Vision Clinic story.